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Washington state discusses banning glass pipes and bongs seasoning, including THC, on October 9.


  According to CBSNews, the governor of Washington instructed health officials on Friday to discuss banning the sale of fragrant glass pipes and bongs next month.

  If the state health department uses its emergency authorization to pass the ban on October 9, the state will ban the sale of all seasoned glass pipes and bongs products, including marijuana tetrahydrocannabine products, which can be updated within 120 days.

  Governor Jay easley also said that he would draft a bill to permanently ban all condiment aerosols and any ingredients found to be related to lung diseases, and would require disclosure of all ingredients in condiment aerosols.

  After announcing the news at a press conference, the governor said he hoped to do more through an executive order and described the order as a minimum requirement, not a maximum requirement.

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  When the executive order was issued, more and more attention was paid to the hazards associated with aerosolized products across the United States. There are currently 7 cases of pulmonary diseases in Washington State, the latest of which occurred in Pierce County.

  Washington is not the only state demanding a ban on the use of glass pipes and bongs. Michigan, new york and Rhode Island all announced emergency bans on the use of incense glass pipes and bongs this month.

  Massachusetts Governor CharlieBaker declared a public health emergency and ordered a ban on the sale of all electronic cigarette equipment, not just condiments, in the state.

  Glass pipes and bongs manufacturers like Youer have sold their products to users instead of smoking, which would make them less lethal.

  The use of glass pipes and bongs has caused disagreements among health officials. The American Lung Association said that glass pipes and bongs are unsafe, but the American Cancer Association said that glass pipes and bongs are much less harmful to adults than regular cigarettes.

  However, Glass Pipes and Bonds products are increasingly being reviewed in connection with more than 800 mysterious lung disease outbreaks affecting Glass Pipes and Bonds users across the country, including 13 deaths, the cause of which is still unclear.


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