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This is not a "cool" e-cigarette.

  Worldwide e-cigarette sales in 2017 were $120.54 billion, with the United States and the United Kingdom being the major markets for e-cigarettes, accounting for 39.28 percent and 14.40 percent of the global market in 2017, respectively.In recent years, the United States has been the world's largest consumer market for e-cigarettes, with sales of $4.734 billion in 2017, accounting for nearly 30 percent of all glass pipes smokers.

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  With e-cigarette makers claiming they are a safe alternative to cigarettes, many are concerned that the mild taste of e-cigarettes will attract young people to use nicotine and encourage teenagers to try regular cigarettes.In 2016, us surgeon VivekMurthy called e-cigarettes a "major public health issue" among young americans, citing the 900% e-cigarette smoking rate among high school students.

  Nearly one-third of americans ages 13 to 18 admitted to smoking in the past 30 days, according to a separate survey by the Wall Street journal and research firm MercuryAnalytics.

  In September, the head of the us food and drug administration, ScottGottlieb oil rigs, announced the biggest crackdown on e-cigarettes in history, with tobacco makers given 60 days to come up with a detailed plan on how they would prevent teenagers from using their products.Gottley even said e-cigarettes have become an "epidemic" among teenagers in the United States.

  JuulLabs, which dominates the major U.S. market, has since announced several measures to limit the purchase of e-cigarettes by minors, including shutting down its social media accounts.Juul's YouTube account, which is restricted to users under 21, is also used to promote those who smoke.But CarolineRenzulli, a spokeswoman for the campaign for smoke-free children, said the damage and impact had already happened, adding: "Juul's social media marketing has kids addicted to e-cigarettes.Now it's 75 percent of the e-cigarette market in the United States, so there's no need for social media marketing anymore, because its young customers are doing it for them.".

  The Juul website asks customers to provide the last four digits of their name, date of birth, permanent address and social security number, to verify information with third parties, and to cross-reference public records with third parties to ensure that customers are at least 21 years old.

  In China, relevant laws and regulations clearly stipulate that e-cigarettes cool water pipes cannot be sold to minors.The framework convention on tobacco control, ratified and promulgated by the world health organization in 2006, stipulates that "the production and sale of confectionery, snacks, toys or any other tobacco product that appeals to minors is prohibited."The juvenile protection act "explicitly states that the sale of tobacco and alcohol to minors is prohibited."Xiong jingfan, deputy secretary general of the shenzhen municipal tobacco control association, said research shows that teenagers are one of the main marketing targets for e-cigarettes, and they will encourage them to smoke once they become addicted to drugs.Because nicotine is addictive, it can also harm the physical and mental development and health of minors.

  However, based on the observation and understanding of online and offline channels of e-cigarettes, there is no age limit for tobacco buyers in these channels, and some offline and online shopkeepers have told deepnet that there is no way to restrict minors from buying cigarettes.Since the average age of smokers has fallen by only one step, traditional tobacco has begun to shift to new forms of tobacco (such as adding other flavors, such as mint).Large Numbers of smokers, often young or even teenagers, who try new forms of tobacco, choose to try multiple e-cigarettes at once.

  A junior high school teacher told shenwang that some students have switched from smoking to e-cigarettes, which are lighter and easier to collect than traditional cigarettes, making it difficult for schools to regulate them.

  Quitting smoking is of course the best choice for smokers.E-cigarettes may be less harmful, but that doesn't mean they're completely harmless.If you don't have a smoker, there's no need to try e-cigarettes because they're addictive.An online doctor told DeepNetwork.


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