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E-cigarettes: investors say

  The industry is already spreading, with many investors quietly observing water pipes projects.It is roughly divided into three states: bystander, test cow, and refuse.

  Traditional tobacco produces hundreds of harmful substances such as tar, heavy metals and carbon monoxide.However, e-cigarette vapors contain no harmful substances, such as tar, and do not produce second-hand smoke, making them a relatively healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to cigarettes.""The industry is promising," he said, adding that one head office owner has been observing the industry privately and still doesn't think now is the right time to invest in e-cigarettes.

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  Institutions that invest in e-cigarettes, such as genesis, completed tens of millions of yuan of e-cigarette brand angel dragon dance in 2018."We were very optimistic about the prospects for the global smart health e-cigarette industry and the gipppro team, and were impressed by the company's ability to quickly build brands and open sales channels in multiple countries," said jia chao, then managing director of the company.We believe that we will work with oil rigs the team to build Gippro into a global leader in the smart and healthy e-cigarette industry.It can be seen that the performance of e-cigarette in foreign market is still the focus of capital.

  Of course, some groups are still boycotting the e-cigarette industry."The tobacco industry is also A big taxpayer in China's financial sector," jun A, who works for the group, told the investment community.Eighty percent of the profits must be handed over to the state.The total amount of profits and taxes exceeded 1 trillion yuan for four consecutive years, which is an important source of national revenue."The development of e-cigarettes will inevitably touch tobacco taxes," he said.In his view, the biggest obstacle to the development of e-cigarettes is the profits tax on traditional tobacco.Unless it can be regulated, consolidated and regulated, the capital markets will embrace more e-cigarettes.".

  In Mr. A's view, policy changes are never predictable, but in many cases, when you finally wait for time to do something, it often ends.

  "The Ino angel fund invested in the creation of vanilla technology for e-cigarettes in 2017, which cool water pipes is not a huge investment, but it has been monitoring the development of the entire industry."The Ino angel foundation told the investment community: "as the health consciousness of young people in China changes, to some extent, a new breed of e-cigarettes has emerged.The smoking base in China is very large, traditional tobacco will certainly change in the future, and the clear attitude of the national policy will certainly appear, but there is no more specific details at present.But none of this prevents young people from embracing new species.The emergence of new business types such as cigarette bars in guangzhou shows that young people not only regard e-cigarettes as a trend, but also have special social attributes.

  "The explosion of e-cigarettes is made up of a number of factors, mainly from market demand and the value of the product itself," Ino angel fund said in response to the varying attitudes of the capital markets towards the e-cigarette trajectory.Experience, design, price can be accepted by the audience, product, channel, brand is the influencing factor.Different organisations have different views on this track and investment strategies vary widely.After all, every orbit has risks.".


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