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Green glass pipe have a limited future under a red sea.(A)

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  From being seen as "giving up" to now appearing in the music video of Foofiers "Run" in the us, it has come to symbolize freedom and freedom from limitation.E-cigarettes have become a symbol of fashion consumption.

  Overnight, it seems, supermarkets, convenience stores, small shops, tobacconists and hotels in the city have all kinds of "water pipes" on their cash registers, either in the shape of flat chewing gum or in the shape of cigarettes.This is the new darling of the market after the transformation of steam smoke.

  However, the world health organization (who) has shown the dangers of glass bongs, a ban has been imposed on the sale of e-cigarettes in Hong Kong, family disputes continue to crop up, sales and value of e-cigarettes have been growing for the past two years despite unclear regulatory and scientific certification, and the industry is seeing a flood of money."Last year, China experienced a burst of concentrated financing, with a maximum of $12.At $8 billion, companies are eager to try.

  On April 30, the food and drug administration (FDA) announced that Philip morris (PMI) has been approved to sell new tobacco products for use in the U.S. market for iQOS (tobacco heating system).Licensed products include iQOS devices, Marlboro, Marlboro and Marlboro fresh mint products.

  After a rigorous scientific review of iQOS products, the us FDA ultimately concluded that the primary purpose was to protect public health and that the levels of harmful substances were lower than those found in conventionally burned cigarettes.IQOS was finally approved by the FDA for sale in the United States, which represents the application and approval criteria for all future non-flammable heating products.

  Industry insiders believe that the United States is the world's largest new tobacco market, and the start of iQOS in the United States means that the most exciting part of a new market is coming, with exponential growth in sales of heating non-combustion products and explosive growth in upstream and downstream supply chains.

  On May 10, inkey technologies (002925), a major supplier of precision plastic parts for LOOKAH SHOP, said in a public record of its investor relations activities that the food and drug administration had approved the sale of iQOS equipment and three cigarette bombs in the United States, which is expected to result in some incremental orders for the company, and the next steps are still being determined.

  Jinjia (002191), another e-cigarette company, said it has years of technology in the new tobacco sector, such as e-cigarettes and heating non-flammable equipment, and will focus on the two pillar industries of strong packaging and strong health in the next five years.Revenue will quadruple from 2014 to 9 billion yuan by 2020.

  IQOS e-cigarettes are at the forefront of The Times, but the future is unpredictable."But there are also many people who see the growth of the e-cigarette industry, but also worry about the future of the e-cigarette industry, fear that traditional tobacco will inhibit the future, and that policy will be tightened.

  Shi lichen, medical strategy planning expert, founder of Beijing dingchen management consulting co., LTD."It is difficult for e-cigarettes to replace traditional tobacco," he said in an interview with the economic observer website. "there are so many e-cigarette brands and so many kinds in China that the market has become a" red sea."The innovation space and future power point are very limited in product style, taste, experience and other aspects.


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