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Water pipes glass bongs that are banned on the whole network can only be sold under the front line.


  Water pipes have changed from "comprehensive enemies" of tobacco to "supplements for a few people", leaving the arrogance of capital inflow and learning to live under the eaves of tobacco to achieve a delicate balance.

  "Today, no glass pipes glass bongs player will ignore the existence of the Tobacco Board," Wang Zeqi said. After all, in the face of greater power, funds or entrepreneurs, whether Ma Yun or Soros, are floating clouds.

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  After a major overhaul, China's glass pipes glass bongs industry has become a "survivor under the eaves" of traditional tobacco. It is no longer a tuyere industry, but an industry controlled by the state. Don't transfer all kinds of exaggerated routine from pure market-oriented industry to glass pipes atomization industry. If you go too far, you will be hit hard again.

  An agent said that glass pipes glass bongs in China can always be branded as "poisonous, harmful to minors and illegally traded." "Now don't fight and kill people, first ask if Zhongyan did it.

  Survival under the eaves of tobacco may become the norm in China's lookah q8 industry. Once this situation is broken, China Tobacco will be able and willing to push for a change in the tobacco monopoly law. Then the industry will no longer exist in China, except for the black market. The number and scale of users are complementary to minority groups. Wang Zeqi said. This is not to say that there is no comeback, but a change of attitude. "Laozhao said. Re-evaluate the e-glass bongs business. "

  Permeability determines the size of glass pipes glass bongs market space, but the increase in permeability means that the benefits of traditional glass bongs are eroded and cakes are cut. As a result, there were later stories of heavy blows and glass pipes glass bongs being corrected.

  Wang Zeqi believes that the penetration rate of atomized glass pipes glass bongs industry in China will not and cannot exceed 5%, and the industry scale will reach 50 billion yuan. Once the total scale of the domestic glass pipes atomization smoke industry exceeds this figure, the industry will be greatly affected in terms of supervision, operation and core raw materials. This kind of influence is a national force and is not influenced by any venture capital or entrepreneurs.

  Air permeability failure means that the evaluation model of glass pipes glass bongs must be postponed. According to the report released by Aimei Consulting Company, the market size of China's glass pipes glass bongs industry will reach 7.86 billion yuan in 2019, 8.38 billion yuan in 2020 and more than 9 billion yuan by 2021. It seems that there is no possibility of explosive growth.

  Zhao Yangbo, vice president of capital investment of Qichen Company, told "Burning Finance" that the core users of glass pipes glass bongs are not regular smokers. In fact, the proportion of young people is very high. In the future, traditional glass bongs cannot completely eliminate glass pipes glass bongs and glass pipes glass bongs cannot completely replace glass bongs, which will be the coexistence of the two products.

  This concept provides a new road for the future of glass pipes glass bongs: in order to develop the domestic glass pipes glass bongs industry in the future, we must bypass the Chinese glass bongs and seek a new incremental market-developing new smokers-in addition to the existing Chinese glass bongs stock market.

  The founder of a leading glass bongs brand told "Burning Finance" that glass bongs can remove things like tobacco, more like chewing gum or candy, because there are many flavors, which is why many young people choose seahorse lookah. He believes that glass pipes glass bongs and traditional tobacco users are not the same group of people.

  In any case, China's glass bongs will not be able to reproduce the capital madness of 2019. Cai Yuedong believes that there will not be more hot money for the development of glass pipes glass bongs brands. His argument is that, on the one hand, in the past few years, the fund has become cautious. More importantly, the negative impact of the environment and the epidemic has made many companies cheaper. From an investment perspective, consumers have more and better choices in channels.

  water pipes glass bongs have become a traditional business that is no longer exciting. Some investors said bluntly that glass pipes glass bongs (referring to the domestic market) no longer have venture capital investment value. However, as a long-term stable cash return, it has the value of Changqing capital allocation.

  Therefore, since you cannot fight for capital, players must start to compete for channels, supply chains and prices. An glass bongs entrepreneur took price war as his overall strategy this year. This year will be a price war, more intense than before, because everyone has been driven mad and there is no growth point.


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