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He expressed his support for jet water pipes, but how to solve the fraud is the first issue.


  On the night of September 13, US President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter: "I prefer atomized jet water pipes as a substitute for traditional glass pipes, but we need to ensure that this choice is safe for everyone. Let's get rid of fake and inferior products in the market and keep our children away from jet water pipes!

glass water pipes

  Another 63-year-old said: "More than 12,800 people have left messages on Twitter and 61,500 people like it. One of them said: "Water pipes have successfully helped me quit smoking for 25 years, and as a result my lungs have become clean. I haven't smoked for three years, "said another 63-year-old." This low nicotine product makes people feel much better.

  The spokesman said: "investor MichaelCoudrey said," don't let excessive regulation hurt the owners or distributors of jet water pipes. " "Because compared with the 6 deaths that jet water pipes may cause, traditional tobacco causes 600,000 deaths each year.

  In the White House petition, the signature campaign prohibiting Trump from signing the "essence jet water pipes" ban has also made a breakthrough. The operation was launched on September 11 local time and has more than 100,000 signatures. According to regulations, the White House must make a formal response to the petition within 60 days.

  For the U.S. President and the British newspaper EveningStandard, it is somewhat embarrassing that Trump has published a rumor that Trump wants to stop "experienced jet water pipes" because his wife found that his children have a good thing. The first lady, who has been worried about children's health and drug addiction, has repeatedly expressed concern about children's use of jet water pipes.

  Therefore, Obama said on Twitter that there is a trend in the US market to ban "condiments"-mainly fruit-flavored Jet Water Pipes. Earlier, U.S. media reported that 6 people in the United States were suspected to have died of lung problems caused by jet water pipes, which made the product the most advanced product with a penetration rate of 15% in the United States.

  Trump's sudden change of attitude towards the jet water pipes industry may also indicate that the U.S. government is considering its normative development from the perspective of the entire jet water pipes industry.

  Since trump first talked about jet water pipes, global public opinion has been polarized. On the one hand, jet water pipes and glass pipes were classified and resolutely banned, while on the other hand, it was shown that jet water pipes, which met the standards, did much less harm to people than traditional tobacco, was a good substitute for tobacco and needed to be standardized and developed.

  The economist "said that the public's disagreement over jet water pipes actually stems from the current chaos in the development of jet water pipes. A core fact is that in the recent foreign reports of the United States, the controversial jet water pipes are not products purchased from ordinary shops, but inferior products from the streets.

  Of the six complaints about pokemon water pipe, five were illegally purchased by users. In the remaining cases, the glass pipes were purchased by users of a legal marijuana store in Oregon.

  At present, the lung problems caused by jet water pipes are mainly due to the addition of vitamin e in cigarette oil, which has little to do with jet water pipes themselves. Studies have shown that inhalation of vitamin E can cause lung injury to smokers.

  The food and drug administration (FDA) hopes the public will end their blind panic over jet water pipes. They said jet water pipes users should not buy tobacco oil products containing cannabis extract or use inferior products sold on the street.

  When you buy unauthorized liquid from an unregulated channel, you don't know what you will face. This is why the government does not encourage people to drink from informal channels, which is fatal. For example, in Costa Rica, 25 people have recently died of methanol. Like alcohol, regulators should clearly distinguish illegal jet water pipes from those that are legal but not certified. The economist magazine said.

  The economist "finally said that it is wiser to regulate jet water pipes than to try to eliminate them. Using jet water pipes may be a dangerous habit, but its lethality is far lower than that of traditional glass pipes. This paper suggests that governments should strictly control the nicotine content in jet water pipes oil and regulate the advertising methods of jet water pipes, especially the marketing for children, taking the EU as a reference.

  Jet water pipes is supported by the british ministry of public health. MartinDockrell, director of tobacco control at the Ministry of Public Health, said: "Most of these people buy or manufacture illegal smoke on the street, and most of them contain marijuana, such as THC. These products come from the black market and are completely different from jet water pipes purchased through official channels.

  Unlike the United States, all jet water pipes products in Britain are subject to strict quality and safety control by drug and health product regulatory agencies, which encourage jet water pipes users to report any adverse reactions.

  Water well pipe industry's first blue book to introduce access system is imperative.

  "At present, the inferior currency drives out the good currency in the water well pipe industry, and the product value of high-quality enterprises and high-quality products cannot be realized. Water well pipe has formed an industrial pattern of "made in China, consumed in Europe and America". Water well pipe national standard may be a benefit adjustment to the existing tobacco pattern. It is imperative to establish an industry access system. " These words come from a "blue book" just released today.

  On August 29, the first blue book of China's water well pipe industry, the water well pipe Industry Supervision Status Report (2019) of the Research Report on Public Health and Technology Supervision, was released in Tsinghua University.

  The Blue Book was compiled by the Research Group on Public Health and Technology Supervision in Tsinghua University. The materials cited were from the World Health Organization, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the European Union Tobacco Directive, acta tabacaria sinica and other authoritative sources of new water well pipe supervision in other countries and regions of the world. It retrieved over 5,000 publications and reported an overall report of over 100,000 words.

  According to the introduction of the research group, this research has retrieved a total of 5,277 publications worldwide from 2005 to 2019 through the Web of Science, an excellent platform provided by Thomson Reuters Group, which can browse, analyze and track academic topics.

  From the year distribution of the number of publications, it can be clearly seen that the number of studies on water well pipe has increased by leaps and bounds since 2014, from 166 in the previous year to 406, reaching 1139 in 2018. Predictably, the number of water well pipe studies published in 2019 will not be lower than that in 2018.

  "We are trying to objectively transmit information about water well pipe from two dimensions," said Yan Fei, head of the research group and associate professor of the Department of Sociology of Tsinghua University. "One is how this electronic product affects the human body. The second is how the government should effectively supervise the industry for this new fast-food product with huge market space and at the birth period. "

  Since Chinese pharmacist Li Han invented water well pipe in 2003, the impact of this traditional cigarette substitute on human body has been in a controversial area. Just a week ago, domestic media reported "the first case of water well pipe death in the United States" and the topic even appeared on the microblog "hot search list". however, it was traced to the source of the incident, proving that it was only an incident under investigation, possibly related to marijuana smoking.

  Other media reported that "the harm of water well pipe is 5-7 times greater than that of traditional glass pipes", but the article also did not cite related clinical studies. Whether in China, where the water well pipe is just emerging, or in the United States, where the penetration rate has reached 13%, the public is "looking at flowers in the mist".

  The Blue Book cites the authoritative content of WHO's research on water well pipe: In 2014, WHO submitted a report to the sixth session of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Tobacco Control, summarizing the academic debate on water well pipe and the limited nature of the evidence. Five years later, many of the conclusions in the 2014 WHO Report on Global Tobacco Epidemic in 2019 are still retained, and the limited evidence has not improved. The study pointed out: compared with traditional glass pipes, water well pipe has less harm. if regular smokers can completely replace glass pipes with well-regulated water well pipe, the toxic effect may be less, but it is not harmless.

  "But the' good control' mentioned in the report has not been realized in China." Yan Fei said, "according to our research, China's water well pipe market is still in a period of barbaric growth, which is unfavorable to the industry and its development."


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