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Economic experts say taxing glass pipes spoon products may lead to increased cigarette sales.

  March 15 News: According to foreign reports glass pipes, a study co-authored by Catherine Maclean, professor of economics at Temple University, shows that raising taxes on steam products may increase cigarette sales.

  Maclean and five other researchers analyzed the impact of the e-cigarette tax on its price and sales and the sales of other glass pipes and bongs products in eight states and two major counties. They found that when the price of steam products rises, consumers buy fewer electronic cigarettes and more cigarettes.

  McLean said: "Against the background of economic substitutes, this is a recognized fact in economics. Basically, consumers see e-cigarette products as an alternative source of nicotine. "

  McLean said glass pipes for sale lawmakers may not be aware of the impact these increases may have on cigarette sales and consumption. "I think they have considered electronic cigarette products in isolation. For example, decision makers want to reduce the use of electronic cigarettes, so they decide to levy taxes on products, but do not consider the [impact] tax may have on smoking outcomes.


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