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Iowa Survey: Three-quarters of Citizens Support Including glass pipes in Tobacco Control Regulations

  A recent media survey in Iowa found that nearly three-quarters of Iowa's people support the state's legislative action to ban the use of glass pipes in non-smoking public places.

  At a time when the Iowa House and Senate bills failed to advance this legislative session, the bill should have included electronic cigarettes in Iowa's smokeless air bill, showing support for the bill.

  According to a survey conducted by Selzer&Co.)3 from March 2 to 5, 74% of respondents said they support expanding Iowa's smokeless air act, which prohibits smoking in many public places, including electronic cigarettes.

  21% said they opposed the legislation and 5% said  glass pipes for sale they were not sure.

  Support the ban on public electronic cigarettes across demographics. Democrats (81%) had the highest approval rating, followed by independents (74%) and Republicans (69%). The proposal is slightly more popular among women (79%) than men (68%).

  The March survey surveyed 800 adults, with a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

  Joanne Merola, a 64-year-old interviewee from Shenandoah, said she supports a ban because she does not want her grandchildren to be exposed to the public.

  She said: "I don't want my grandchildren to be exposed to this kind of behavior because it is not good. Every time I see it, I just want to say, "Do you know how bad this is for you? 」。

  Timothy Spencer  glass pipes spoon, a 27-year-old interviewee from Des Moines, believes there is no need to completely ban the use of electronic cigarettes by the public. Spencer said he had smoked e-cigarettes in public and saw many people misunderstand what it is.


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