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Research: Smokers Should Choose High Nicotine Products for Transition in the Initial Stage of Switch

  On March 5, according to a report by Vapingpost, a bill sponsored by Frank Pallone, d-n.j., chairman of the house energy and commerce Committee, proposes to set nicotine limits for glass pipes for sale products, a measure first proposed by former food and drug administration director Scott Gottlieb in 2017.

  "For us, it is disappointing that FDA seems willing to shelve this crucial solution rather than commit itself to specific regulatory measures that may lead to significant public health benefits," Pallone wrote in a letter to FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn. Pallone and co-sponsor Donna Shalala did not include a specific nicotine cap in their bill because they wanted FDA to set a cap that they thought appropriate.

  Matthew Myers, chairman of the smokeless children's movement, said the government had not set a nicotine limit, thus missing a golden opportunity to crack down on young smokers. Myers said: "Scott gottlieb has left, obviously he is intervening politically in this matter. Political decision makers took over. "

  For a long time, public health experts have pointed out that setting a nicotine cap on safer alternatives (e.g. aerosolized products) will have a negative impact on the national smoking rate, which will prompt former smokers who have changed to electronic cigarettes to smoke again. The UK data set by the EU TPD also confirmed these forecasts.

  In addition, civil rights glass pipes and bongs organizations, including the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), are opposing the proposed bill and urging lawmakers to give up the idea, saying, among other things, that it will put disproportionate pressure on the black community.

  Moreover, health institutions across the EU are plagued by nicotine caps. In fact, British experts are concerned about this. Despite the fact that British public health has publicly approved safer alternatives as smoking cessation tools, the number of people switching to electronic cigarettes has dropped from 800,000 to 100,000 each year.

  In addition, a 2018 study confirmed that reducing nicotine content in glass pipes custom may lead smokers to use their equipment more frequently, thus increasing their exposure to toxins.


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