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The United Arab Emirates will ban the import of glass pipes custom or glass pipes spoon without elec

  On February 26, according to a report by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, information from the business office of the embassy in the United Arab Emirates shows that the UAE will glass pipes custom and e-cigarette without electronic identification starting from March this year.

  Following last year's request for all cigarette products to be printed with electronic identification marks, the UAE Federal Tax Administration announced that from March 1, 2020, the UAE will prohibit the import of any type of hookah or electronic cigarette without electronic identification.

  This is the second phase of the "Tobacco and glass pipes and bongs Products Marking Scheme". Electronic identification marks can track products from the manufacturing plant to the final consumer to ensure that producers and importers fulfill their consumption tax obligations. The Inland Revenue Department will cooperate with De La Rue, which will provide an operating system and add electronic identification marks to imported and manufactured goods to prove that they have paid all consumption taxes.

  The United Arab Emirates imposed a consumption tax on carbonated drinks, energy drinks and tobacco products in October 2017. Starting from November 1, 2019, buy glass pipes, hookah and sugary beverages will also be included in the scope of consumption tax. The levy of excise tax on tobacco products is realized through the "Tobacco and Tobacco Products Marking Scheme".


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