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Turkey has banned the import of glass pipes and related products on February 25

  According to foreign reports, Turkey has banned the import of buy glass pipes and related products since February 25.

  The ban covers electronic cigarettes, accessories, spare parts and solutions, as well as electronic cigarette products using heating or burning, such as electronic hookah. The country has banned the sale of electronic cigarettes.

  In 2019, 17.6 million illegal cigarette packages and 140,000 electronic cigarettes were seized at the country's border.

  Turkish Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan said that we will not provide channels for illegal trafficking of cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. I hope that through this serious measure, the health of our compatriots and our country will be further improved.

  According to the Tobacco Atlas, about 14.5 million adults and 252,000 children glass pipes for smoking every day in Turkey, and about 83,100 people die from tobacco-related diseases.


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