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A major study that caused panic among glass pipes users nationwide in the United States has been wit

  February 21 News: According to foreign reports, after months of pressure from the scientific community, the academic journal of the American Heart Association withdrew a widely circulated glass pipes for sale study on Tuesday night, which claimed that the use of glass pipes for sale increased the possibility of heart attack.

  In June last year, the authors Stanton Glantz and Dharma Bhatta of the University of California at San Francisco pointed out in their original research that smoking electronic cigarettes and smoking posed similar risks, while smoking and smoking electronic cigarettes at the same time was a more dangerous choice.

  After the summer publication, peer-reviewed research was cited by major news organizations including CNN, Yahoo News and USA Today.

  The editor of the American Heart Association magazine (JAHA) expressed concern in explaining the withdrawal statement that the study might be based on misleading data.

  They wrote: Editors are worried that the research conclusion is not reliable.

  Brad Rodu, a tobacco control expert at the University of Louisville, pointed out that many smokers analyzed for the study were current or former smokers, and JAHA withdrew the paper. Rodu believes that the use of flammable cigarettes may make them more vulnerable to heart disease.

  Rodu told the media on Wednesday that withdrawal is not a trivial matter. This is a major move. It is too weak to say that this is a mistake.

  Last month, scholars from some public health schools, including new york University, Yale University and King's College London, wrote to JAHA, drawing attention to Rodu's criticism and demanding an appropriate investigation.

  Among those who signed the letter was David Sweanor, a part-time professor of law at the University of Ottawa who has studied the global tobacco industry for decades.

  Sweanor said: there are serious problems in the peer review process, and periodicals are unwilling to withdraw invalid work. This helps to reduce trust in academia and science.

  The editor of the journal said in a statement explaining the withdrawal that other people had raised the same questions during the peer review process. Although the study has been published, the magazine gave Glanc and Battat a deadline to revise their findings, but they did not reach it. Explaining the reason, Glanz said that his access to the data set used for research had been revoked because he had not been approved to use it.

  Glanc supported the newspaper on Twitter and his blog, saying JAHA was only yielding to pressure from the interests of e-cigarettes.

  In recent months, Glanc and Rodu have criticized each other. Glanc often pointed out that Rodu received some financial support from the tobacco industry. Rodu and other advocates of harm reduction are often criticized for Inglan's scientific methods and views on glass pipes cheap control. After the study was published, Rodu initially expressed his criticism of Glanc in early July 2019.

  JAHA's decision may turn out to be a small victory, but the conclusion of the paper is that it has created a moral panic over electronic cigarettes. At the time of its publication, people are paying more and more attention to the electronic cigarette for teenagers, which has caused people to continuously misunderstand the life-saving potential of switching from cigarette to electronic cigarette.

  Michael Michael Siegel, professor of community health science at Boston University, said that to me, this story simply confirms the issue I have been debating for a long time: there is a serious anti-glass pipes for sale bias among tobacco control researchers, glass pipes and bongs which is the reason for this fiasco.


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