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It is difficult to enforce laws on glass pipes cigarettes. Taiwan Doubts to Push "Consumer Protectio

  According to the report, as Taiwan's Legislative Yuan will hold a new session, the Ministry of Health and Welfare has decided to re-send the draft amendment to the glass pipes Harm Prevention Law to meet the control needs of all kinds of new glass pipes for sale products.

  To this end, the Ministry of Health and Welfare invited experts and scholars to jointly hold a "Consultation Meeting on Laws and Regulations Related to Electronic glass pipes" on January 31. The theme of the meeting was not only to discuss the amendment of the "glass pipes Harm Prevention Law", but also to solve the supervision problem of electronic glass pipes for sale products with the relevant provisions of the "Consumer Protection Law".

  Of course, this also caused a sharp rebound among the industry.

  Suspected Regulatory Loopholes Resolved by "Consumer Protection Law"

  In Taiwan, the so-called "Consumer Protection Law" is actually the abbreviation of the "Consumer Protection Law".

  The establishment of the Consumer Protection Law is based on clarifying whether products do harm to the life, body, health or property of consumers. If there is a real danger of damage, it shall be ordered to improve, recycle or destroy it within a time limit. When necessary, the enterprise operator may be ordered to immediately stop the design, production, manufacture, processing, import, distribution, service provision or other necessary measures of the commodity.

  It is understood that due to the delay in the adoption of the draft amendment to the "glass pipes Harm Prevention Law", the Ministry of Health and Clothing will use the relevant provisions of the "Consumer Protection Law" to make up for the legal loopholes in the regulation of electronic cigarettes, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare or the local government will conduct an investigation.

  In other words, as long as the Ministry of Health and Clothing or local governments in Taiwan confirm that electronic cigarettes are harmful to the health of consumers or are in danger of being harmful, they may require the operators to recycle or destroy the electronic cigarettes.

  At present, Taiwan is mainly supervised by "Drug Administration Law" and "glass pipes Injury Prevention Law". If nicotine is contained in electronic cigarettes, it can be controlled according to the "Drug Administration Law". However, electronic cigarettes that do not contain nicotine are controlled according to Article 14 of the "glass pipes Harm Prevention Law", and the appearance of the products is similar to that of cigarettes or their core structure and usage are similar to that of cigarettes.

  However, according to the report of Xinbei Municipal Health Bureau, it is difficult for glass pipes and bongs  cigarette stores to achieve the control effect according to the Smoke Hazard Prevention Law. Not only can they not remove the products from the shelves, but also there is a high probability that complaints will be rejected. In 2019, a total of 70 complaints were banned, but 4 of the 6 complaints were withdrawn.


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