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A man in London was burned to the third degree by an glass pipes cheap cigarette explosion and relea

  On February 19, it was reported that many glass pipes cheap who switched from cigarettes to e-cigarettes may think that e-cigarettes are good for health and reduce the risk of being very harmful to the body. Judging from the current research, this may be the case. Although this discussion is still widely controversial, there are also some incidents that show that electronic cigarettes still accidentally put people in a very dangerous situation.

  According to the London News, Richard Bingham, a 37-year-old builder, was taken to hospital because his electronic cigarette exploded in his pocket after touching the key.

  Richard Bingham

  The report said the 37-year-old builder was very lucky. When the incident occurred last summer, he was working in Whittington Hospital in holloway and was immediately sent to A&E for treatment.

  Atomization has some potential hazards

  Richard recalled that I heard a hiss and crackle, and I looked around to see what was happening. Then the crackle stopped and suddenly I felt so hot in my pocket that I knew immediately what had happened. I was trying to take out the electronic cigarette from my pocket, but it burned my hand, so I couldn't take it out. When I tried to untie my boots, everyone was helping me so that I could take off my pants, but it was too late-I had been severely burned.

  Investigators from the London Fire Department believe that the key in Richard's pocket may cause a short circuit in the battery of the electronic cigarette.

  Richard Bingham wanted to share this photo to warn others of the danger of electronic cigarettes.

  Although Richard had third-degree burns and blisters on his hand, he did not need skin grafting. However, he said  glass pipes custom  that if he had not happened to be in the hospital, the situation would have been even worse.

  Ironically, Richard's girlfriend works in an e-cigarette store, which makes the whole incident more interesting, although she does not know that e-cigarette contact with metal objects may lead to its explosion.

  Richard added: "I have been using e-cigarettes for four years and have seen videos of them exploding, but you just don't want it to disappear like this. I must be very lucky because I always have change or keys in my pocket-I just think people are not aware of the danger. "

  Although the London Fire Department has participated in only a few incidents involving the use of electronic cigarette batteries, firefighters are still worried about the accidents that did not occur because they have not received the relevant reports.

  Charlie Pugsley, deputy fire brigade safety commissioner, said: "Atomization is considered a safer option than the fires caused by cigarettes we have seen. However, we are worried that in cases like Richard's, the battery is often short-circuited and flamed out, but it is likely to cause a serious fire. "

  The fire brigade has issued "glass pipes and bongs  safety tips", such as using only the charger equipped with e-cigarette to check the battery and protect the e-cigarette from extreme temperatures.


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