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Dainville City Passes New Regulation on Seasoning glass pipes cheap Cigarettes: Not Prohibited, but

  February 18 News: According to foreign reports, after implementing a looser policy version than the one originally proposed by municipal workers two weeks ago, the Dainville City Council of Illinois will review the second reading and finally pass a new regulation to regulate atomized glass pipes for sale products in Dainville.

  According to city attorney general Robert Ewing, the members of the security Council unanimously approved the new e-cigarette regulations at the public hearing on February 4, but they revised their original proposal after residents' testimony and the debate that night.

  The regulations supported by the Council retain the proposal to hand blown glass pipes ban the sale of electronic cigarette holders and electronic cigarette liquid in cities and towns, but members of the Council do not agree with the proposal to ban the sale of all flavor tobacco products in cities and towns.

  On the contrary, they chose to strengthen the supervision of flavored tobacco by adding flavored tobacco products to the existing tobacco product advertising, distribution and display rules, but did not completely ban the sale.

  The version of the regulation was first published on February 4 and was finally adopted on Tuesday night. It is a two-step process.

  The second reading of the glass water pipes regulations is listed as part of the Council's seven agreed agenda, which is considered a routine set of items and will be voted on immediately unless it is pulled out for separate consideration.


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