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US Research Finds glass pipes for sale Cigarette Tax Promotes Sales of Traditional Cigarettes

  February 17 News: According to Vapingpost, as the coronavirus epidemic continues to paralyse China's economy, the US and even the world are facing the threat of a shortage of electronic cigarettes. Meanwhile, a new study of U.S. sales data shows that high taxes on steam products are forcing former glass pipes for smoking to reuse harmful tobacco, as harm reduction advocates have warned for years. However, this does not seem to matter to legislators as they continue to push for tax revenue and ban increasingly dishonest methods.

  As coronavirus attacks Chinese factories, people are worried about the shortage of electronic cigarettes.

  U.S. buy glass pipes cigarette manufacturers and importers have warned that stores may face a shortage of several months due to the prevalence of coronavirus. Although the disease has been found in many countries, it first appeared in China and the vast majority of cases are still in that country. Unfortunately, most of the electronic cigarette hardware also comes from China-disease, which, combined with the government's efforts to control its spread, led to the collapse of manufacturing and exports.

  Beginning in late January, the Chinese regime imposed blockades on dozens of cities, forcing factories to close for two weeks. These restrictions are now being relaxed, but local authorities in many areas are still implementing their own blockade measures. At least one enterprise was arrested for trying to reopen the factory, and many are still closed. Since the movement ban has disrupted transportation, even those re-operating enterprises often find it difficult to deliver their goods to distributors.

  Scott Alwine, manager of wholesaler VapeBeast, said importers expect the shortage of coils and other hardware to start in late February, which will continue until March and possibly even April due to the shortage of existing stocks.

  Major research found that electronic cigarette tax can promote cigarette sales

  A study funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health found that this is very bad news for politicians demanding higher tax rates on steam products, who are increasing cigarette sales.

  The new study was conducted by researchers from six American universities under the guidance of NIH. The main focus of the study is sales data from about 35,000 stores in the United States, the sales of steam products and traditional cigarettes were studied, and they were mapped for tax changes.

  As a result, for every 10% increase in the retail price of electronic cigarettes (including any taxes), sales will drop by 26%. This is the established goal of most e-cigarette taxes and is usually proposed in a way that prevents people from using e-cigarettes. However, the data also show that in addition to the decline in electronic cigarette sales, cigarette sales also increased by 11%. In other words, higher taxes push smokers back into the smoking area.

  Michael Pesko, an economist at Georgia State University, said: "We estimate that for every glass water pipes cigarette that is no longer purchased due to the electronic cigarette tax, an additional 6.2 packs of cigarettes will be purchased. Under such circumstances, the impact of electronic cigarette tax on public health may be negative. "


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