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Thousands of glass pipes cheap can be sold in the United States! The FDA glass pipes spoon ban that

  On February 7, the FDA's new ban on flavored e-cigarettes has officially taken effect in the United States, banning flavored e-cigarettes other than tobacco and menthol. Other types of smoke shop products and flavors are almost unaffected.

  No wonder people think that the FDA's new regulation, which has come into effect, only regulates air.

  FDA New Regulation to Help Juul Kill Competitors

  Of course, people from different positions have different understandings of the new rules.

  For the government agencies headed by the Trump government, they will think that the new regulation is already a very balanced strategy.

  The opposite party thinks that electronic cigarettes are a scourge to entice teenagers to use them and requires banning all electronic cigarettes. The electronic cigarette industry believes that the industry is beneficial to quitting smoking and cannot deprive adults of their right to choose if it involves a large number of employees.

  Trump faces a presidential election in 2020, and no one can offend him.

  Since all of you are not satisfied and your opinions are absolute, then the government will come up with a relative regulation, which is also a balance for all parties. Trump is also very good at balancing.

  For anti-smoke shop activists and organizations, they think the FDA's new regulations are nothing but rain in Mao Mao. They are not only useless, but also point out the path and direction for many people to use e-cigarettes.

  For people and organizations in the electronic cigarette industry, they believe that the government should not deprive adult smokers of the right to choose seasoning products. For the epidemic of electronic cigarette among young people, it is possible to adopt measures such as age restriction to carry out examination.

  For smoke shop users, if they cannot buy seasoning and bomb-changing products from retail stores, they should change their habits. For example, you can use disposable e-cigarettes with many flavors, and you can also buy open oiling equipment from smoke shop stores, both of which are not prohibited by the new regulations.

  So, it seems that FDA's new smoke shop regulation really controls the air?

  In particular, Juul, which accounts for 70% of the U.S. electronic cigarette market, voluntarily stopped selling flavored cigarettes as early as August 2019, leaving only tobacco and menthol cigarettes, which is the same as FDA's new regulations.

  Juul also said recently that it would stop selling flavored cigarettes in Canada and the Philippines, so market leaders will not sell flavored cigarettes. Who do you think this new regulation will govern?

  Juul has long been a strong man, but for brands that occupy 30% of the market, it is a disaster.

  According to Nielsen's recently released retail store smoke shop data, they expect Juul to have 57.6% of the market share, down from 63.9% in the November 30 report.

  Who has taken away the loss caused by Juul's suspension of selling flavored cigarettes?

  Competitors didn't stop selling flavored cigarettes on their own initiative. On the contrary, they were crazy about discounts.

  NJOY continues to benefit from its discount pricing plan, with sales up 792.5% year-on-year, and its current market share is 15.3%.

  Vuse, manufactured by Renault USA, saw its sales grow 51.4% year-on-year, and its market share increased to 18.2%, becoming the second largest in the market.

  Imperial Tobacco's blu brand sales fell 19% to 4.7%.

  However, the three companies will hand blown glass pipes  be directly affected by FDA's new regulation on flavored electronic cigarettes, and their market share may soon shrink.

  For Juul, the impact will not be great, after all, they have already decided to reset the category of electronic cigarettes.

  Although Altria has continuously written down 8.6 billion US dollars in investment losses and reduced the valuation to 12 billion US dollars, Juul's CEO still believes that Juul's valuation is around 20 billion US dollars and has recently successfully raised 700 million US dollars in convertible bond financing for the company's operation.


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