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Reporters' Survey: Online Shops Need to Show Identity Cards to Buy glass pipes custom

  How is offline compliance after the announcement? The Luoyang Evening News reporter recently conducted a practical investigation on the offline glass pipes custom store in Luoyang.

  A reporter from Luoyang Evening News said that during a visit to the glass pipes custom counters in several shopping malls in the city, it was found that the "No Recommendation or Sale of Electronic Cigarettes to Minors" notice board was placed in a conspicuous position, and some counters also removed glass pipes custom advertisements with inductive nature.

  In the glass pipes custom counter in a shopping mall in the new district, young people need to show their identity documents to buy glass pipes customs. If they are under the age of 18, they cannot buy glass pipes customs.

  Here, I would like to praise the standardized operation of Luoyang local glass pipes custom store.

  Strengthening self-discipline is related to the development of glass pipes custom industry! As glass pipes for smoking, we must resolutely refuse to sell glass pipes customs to primary school students and people under the age of 18, and not do such unconscionable things. Through professional level and service quality, establish a good image of the glass pipes custom industry and improve social credibility.


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