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  Apple Announces to Remove All glass pipes cheap-Related Apps from App Store

  Since the popularity of glass pipes for sale products began, there have been many cases of lung diseases caused by glass pipes for sale products in succession this year. According to data from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 42 people in the United States have died of acute lung injury related to atomized electronic cigarette, with the youngest being only 17 years old.

  As concerns about the health of glass pipes are growing, Apple recently announced that it will delete all glass pipes related apps from its App Store. Of course, users who have installed e-cigarette related apps on the iPhone will continue to use them.

  In fact, Apple has never allowed the sale of glass pipes or cigarette oil refills through any App, but there are still about 180 kinds of e-cigarette related apps on Apple App Store. Some apps allow users to control the temperature of e-cigarettes, while others provide news, social networks and games related to e-cigarettes.

  An Apple spokesman said: "Recently, experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to the American Heart Association have attributed various lung injuries and deaths to buy glass pipes and e-cigarette products, and even called the expansion of these devices a public health crisis and a juvenile epidemic. We also agree with this situation, and we have updated the App Store Review Guide. From today on, relevant apps will no longer be available for download. "

  For Apple's initiative, all readers can share their opinions at the message office.


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