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What are the opportunities for glass pipes for sale in the offline downturn?

  What are the opportunities for glass pipes for sale in the offline downturn?

  The sudden outbreak, calling for contributions to the country at home, has turned the beginning of retail trade into a dark moment.

  In order to appease dealers' winter mood, various glass pipes for sale brands have also announced support policies.

  However, with the improvement of epidemic prevention and control situation, all parts of the country have started construction projects and gradually restored social order, and put forward new ideas:

  1. what impact will the epidemic have on the glass pipes for sale industry?

  Looking back on the SARS epidemic in 2003, Taobao,, Ctrip and Haidi fisheries saw a turn for the better in a special period and subsequent retaliatory growth due to the structural changes in social and commercial systems.

  The reason why we say crisis is because the other side of crisis is often reshuffle: mediocre products and weak anti-risk brands are being phased out at an accelerated pace. Stronger and more efficient brands can not only stabilize foothold, but also seize future opportunities and open up a larger market.

  If the rough-and-tumble in the first half of 2019 is to let the outside world see the business opportunities of glass pipes for sale, then the power outage in the second half of this year is to let the employees see the strict demand for supply chain and channel building capacity. So, at present, the industry seems to be in shadow.

glass pipes hand blown

  In the final analysis, whether glass pipes for sale has a prospect and which brand has more potential in the future has always been a question of wait-and-see attitude and even the opinions of practitioners.

  2. Activate preferential policies for stocks

  Before we talk about glass pipes for sale, let's take a look at a case: Lin Qingxuan, the best example of soaring performance, is based on past capacity reserves to seize the opportunities of the real retail industry hit hard by the epidemic.

  As a local makeup brand, Lin Qingxuan is different from the previous "Perfect Diary" and "Huaxizi", which used to rely heavily on offline stores.

  With the outbreak of the epidemic and the closure of its stores, founder sun lashun admitted that he was worried that the company would not last for more than two months. But to the surprise of the founders, the company has withstood the pressure.

  "As of February 21, the overall performance of online and offline services was 145% compared with the same period last year.

  3, strengthen brand awareness, activate value-added

  The above example of Lin Qingxuan, on the one hand, did a good job and was able to reach the whole channel ahead of time. On the other hand, more importantly, its brand has indeed been recognized by consumers in the past few years and has a solid living space.

  This is the essence of the retaliatory rebound expected by all: actual demand is suppressed.

  There is no doubt that for glass pipes for sale, a retaliatory rebound will surely come.

  On the one hand, the epidemic has changed people's consumption concept; The infection of novel coronavirus droplets, which is directly reflected in pneumonia and its harmful characteristics to people with strong immunity, will raise public attention to health habits, especially lungs, for a long period of time.

  On the other hand, the spillover effect of the resumption of business, such as Hangzhou Building, which resumed business on February 20, sold more than 11 million yuan in five hours, exceeding the full-day data for the same period last year.


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