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 Opportunities and future of china's glass pipes and bongs.


  In 2003, Chinese pharmacist Li Han invented glass pipes and bongs. Today, China owns 90% of global patents, more than 90% of production and nearly 90% of exports.

  However, with the rapid rise of Glass Pipes and Bonds in the domestic market, the Glass Pipes and Bonds industry has ushered in the best and worst "window period". The chaos of Glass Pipes and Bonds exposed at the 3/15 party and the negative impact of the US market on young people smoking Glass Pipes and Bonds. More and more information has cast a shadow on this new industry.

  On November 1, with the release of the "Notice on Further Protecting Minors from glass pipes and bongs Grass", the State Market Supervision Administration and the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration "cracked down" on the online marketing business of glass pipes and bongs. According to the "notice", from the date of publication, relevant departments will urge enterprises or individuals that produce and sell Glass Pipes and Bonds to shut down the online sales websites or customers of Glass Pipes and Bonds in a timely manner. Urging e-commerce platforms to close e-cigarette stores in time and remove glass pipes and bongs products from shelves in time; Urge glasspipes and bonds manufacturers, sales enterprises or individuals to withdraw glasspipes and bonds advertisements published through the internet.

glass pipes and bongs

  In the past 40 years, although the World Health Organization has made great efforts, the number of smokers in the world has increased from 700 million to 1 billion. With the increase in the number of smokers, many social problems have emerged. Every year about 6 million people die from first-hand and second-hand smoke, and tar and its derivatives are the main culprit. Therefore, for decades, consumer groups not only want to satisfy their demand for nicotine, but also begin to seek healthier and safer methods.

  So, in the process of introducing glass pipes and bongs, Yuechi should not only consider the needs of users, but also ensure the quality of products to the greatest extent? The answer is: in the past 24 months, we have focused on five areas: first, good products, second, good services, third, corporate social responsibility, fourth, strategic talent reserve, and fifth, brand building.

  Divide it into three ways:

  1. A good product is still a door that knocks on consumers' hearts. In the past 24 months, any new product has been put on the market and has undergone at least 5 to 6 rounds of rigorous testing in-house. For glass pipes and bongs, the two most important products are safety and experience. From a security perspective, Yuechi is the first enterprise in China to establish a brand laboratory based on SNAS standard. From an empirical point of view, Yuechi is also the first enterprise in China to introduce glass pipes and bongs sensory evaluation system, with a total of 76 evaluation dimensions. From the laboratory to the market, any cigarette oil needs 80 days of internal research and development. In these 80 days, more than 500 consumers will be tested, with an average of 100 formula adjustments. Of all the internally matched recipes, there is only one. At present, there is 5% in the market.

  2. The most important thing is service. First of all, users not only pay for physical products, but also pay for products+services. Especially for Glass Pipes and Bonds, as the penetration rate of China's Glass Pipes and Bonds is still very low, only a few teachers believe that the penetration rate of China's Glass Pipes and Bonds is less than 1%. This means that no matter whether it is an example of pre-sale, after-sale consultation or sales, the chief enterprise needs to undertake a large number of industry responsibilities to educate consumers. These processes are considered to be the most important third real moment for brands or categories to contact consumers. Yuechi Company has established strict pre-sale and post-sale procedures to provide good service to users.

  3. When we hand over the products to users, we are actually transmitting three values: the first is the material value of the products; The second is the service that we think is the continuation of the product and the best way to explain the value of the product and brand. The third is the psychological satisfaction of users. We not only provide products and services, but also transmit a cultural view and value.


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