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Terry Tang, Founder and CEO of Shanghai Kaishan Wine Industry, Talk about the Future Development o


  Kaishan Wine Industry is a brand, and hand blown glass pipes is also the most likely brand at this stage. The best consumer brand must have two attributes: 1. there is a very large gap in the crowd; 2. the demand is anti-cyclical. The best consumer brands must have these two attributes. If they do business in the gap period without intergenerational changes, they can only make small achievements.

  China's population is now facing a 30-year generational change. We will feel that 50, 60 and 70 are generations, and there is a great gap between 80 and 90. Consumer goods can seize this gap and become a giant brand. This is very suitable for the tobacco and wine industries.

hand blown glass pipes

  Second, we believe that the industry we are engaged in is a very good industry, not only fast food, tobaccoand alcohol are social currencies, and indispensable communication tools for lifestyle. This demand is continuously generated in China and will never encounter periodic crises.

  As an entrepreneur of consumer goods, he does have a methodology that may also be applicable to the hand blown glass pipes industry. First of all, people don't need to say much about the crowd. Everyone has a relatively clear judgment on the crowd of hand blown glass pipes. Based on finding the crowd, the second thing to do is to make the difference. "Less oil leakage, better look, higher pressure", these are all the same to me. So at this point, it is very clear to you that even in the "cigarette" industry, it is still a brand economy.

  To be the best solver of a pain point in the hand blown glass pipes industry. I think this is a very important thing. In the first two years of 2016-2018, we did not launch any products at all and did not contact with any capital. If we did not have a moat, we would have been killed by traditional liquor. If you want to live to the end and live very well, I think the most important thing is to find differences and build moats.


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