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Lovevape luvip glass water pipes is optimistic about the development of glass water pipes in china.


  During the ten years of this glass water pipes industry, we mainly saw its development for the whole industry. glass water pipes came into vogue from abroad and then flowed back to China to develop and contribute to today's market. We have supplied a glass water pipes brand in the United States for ten years. We have relatively good sales in the convenience store system in the United States (e.g. 7.11 convenience store). We have accumulated experience in both market and technology. At present, we think that the technology has been iterated to a certain extent and needs to be upgraded. How can the renewal of smoke oil and atomizer be carried out simultaneously? At the same time, what we are doing is how to increase market segments through new ways of smoking such as "smokeless technology" and serve more users who need it.

glass water pipes

  Since the invention of cigarette oil, it and smoking utensils complement each other and have been upgraded continuously. Over the years, we have learned about the market process and found that the quality is uneven. Small workshops will use unsolvable technologies to make glass water pipes tobacco oil products, or add substandard substances, many even incomplete or prohibited substances.

  As a brand, we need to invest more in this piece of cost to make products that pass the border safely. For example, we need to achieve consistency of taste and quality control in each batch of cigarette bombs. At this stage, glass water pipes products are already "closed with the close combination of cigarette oil and smoking utensils", which is also to avoid risks. Because of the earlier open glass water pipes, when users add ingredients privately, there is no way to monitor their safety. In the future, with the further improvement of the national regulatory policy, closed products will be subject to actual monitoring and product traceability can be realized.

  Of course, if you want to be a good brand and a good glass water pipes enterprise, you must do a good job in the management of the whole supply chain, and no mistake can be made in any link of the product.


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