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Wang Sa, co-founder of SNOWPLUS Snooplus, predicted that the US glass pipes cheap market would show


  Today, I would like to discuss with you the responsibilities and bottom lines of enterprises and industries. The past two months have not been pleasant for glass pipes cheap practitioners. The latest report released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention disclosed a series of fatal cases caused by glass pipes cheap. Although the specific cause of the incident has not yet been determined, examination of the patients revealed that most of the patients had inhaled tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) through glass pipes cheap or atomizing equipment containing cannabis.

  All atomizing equipment in the united states and all glass pipes cheap are called Vaping. When this information was transmitted to China, the country took glass pipes cheap as the culprit of the whole incident. During the whole process, information asymmetry and information chaos caused many problems in the domestic glass pipes cheap industry. However, after the whole incident, we also considered many questions: what is the bottom line of the whole industry, what are the responsibilities and principles of the industry; How to reach a balance when interests conflict with corporate responsibility and social responsibility; Under what circumstances and when confronted with what situation, we must put corporate responsibility and social responsibility before all economic interests.

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  Corporate social responsibility is our first heart. This first heart and responsibility are divided into three parts. One is to protect traditional smokers, that is, smokers who have already smoked cigarettes. The second is to protect non-smokers, that is, those who have not been exposed to tobacco before. The third is to protect minors, which is the red line of the whole enterprise.

  There is a particularity in our industry and we often have the opportunity to face many minors. Therefore, we should keep in mind the bottom line of protecting minors in all dimensions and scenes at the product, sales and marketing ends.

  Specific to the implementable level: in product research and development, learn the packaging logic of traditional cigarettes on the outer packaging, and remind minors in the most eye-catching position to prohibit the purchase and use. This has a great impact on sales, but it is the most important thing for the enterprise, so it is placed in the most important position of packaging. In terms of sales, minors will be reminded in conspicuous places not to buy or use them, and identity verification systems will be opened on online platforms such as Jingdong to control the possible harm to minors caused by online sales.

  The offline channels are strictly regulated and require that SNOWPLUS snowplus dealers should not sell to minors. once violations are found, they should immediately cancel the agency qualification and should not set up stores around primary and secondary schools. In brand promotion, no advertising slogan is used to induce minors. All offline activities are prominently displayed to remind minors not to enter and are supervised by on-site staff. All we have done is to ensure that glass pipes cheap does not have any intersection with minors.

  There are many dealers on the scene today, but why should I make such a speech and even mention that the dealer will be disqualified when it is found that the dealer sells glass pipes cheap to minors? Because I want to tell you that the social responsibility of an enterprise is really the cornerstone of everything and the "1" before all zeros. This "1" determines how far the enterprise will go in the acceleration process and whether or not it will continue to bring you opportunities to make money in the process. The cornerstone must be firmly established. This is what I want to share with you.


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