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Weng Xueyi from Shenzhen's wolf smoke industry said that the glass pipes and bongs industry has at


  I am Weng Xueyi from the World of Wolf Smoke in Shenzhen, and I am also a practitioner of glass pipes and bongs. Brand positioning has two characteristics. We should grasp it. One is the basic attribute of the product, the other is the attribute of the brand itself. Whether the brand has a good story or not.

  There is a brANd named "an" under wolf smoke, which is the abbreviation of "safety". We believe that in order to manufacture products and brands, we must first lay the foundation of our industry. Safety is the focus of glass pipes and bongs.

  To make glass pipes and bongs, two orientations are very important. One is the orientation of the product. Due to the small colored stripes in the world of Wolf Smoke, this product is the first to be introduced with a portable, compact appearance and is very convenient to use. It will be developed at the end of 2017. In 2018, the product will be oriented like chewing gum, with small volume and convenient use. At the same time, considering the market positioning of the product, where should we put it? Because in the era of thick smoke before 2018, the characteristics of thick smoke are limited, are not easy to popularize, and will shut out many people. ? Second, the purchase is inconvenient and its unit price is relatively high. At that time, when we did this, the wholesale price for a set of cigarettes was almost 800 to 900 yuan, even thousands of yuan or even more than 10,000 yuan.

glass pipes and bongs

  After our product came out, we defined it as a fast-selling product. This is to turn glass pipes and bongs into small cigarettes so that they can develop rapidly and comprehensively and consumers can have more convenient purchasing channels. In Internet cafes, KTV, canteens and other sales places, consumers used to need to find a professional shop to buy glass pipes and bongs. Now that we have the purchase demand, we have many platforms to complete it, which plays a very important role in promoting product circulation and brand awareness.

  The glasspipes and bonds industry has a somewhat long process from 0 to 1. We have been doing well in the domestic market for four years. First of all, we have laid a good foundation for users. If it had been directly promoted on a large scale without paying attention to its own products and the company itself could not accept such blind satellite expansion, it would have been easy to promote it in the initial stage and the effect would have been counterproductive.


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