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Don't panic?Offline is the main battlefield of e-cigarettes

  Without online revenue from e-cigarettes, would you lose?Probably not.

  Their offline agents have a harder time hiding their happiness than those e-cigarette brands that might be a pain in the flesh.After seeing the notice, RELX's physical retail agent told qianyun glass "isn't that great?"It's better for me.

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  At the same time, he believes that the national control of e-cigarette online sales has a positive role in promoting the overall development of the e-cigarette industry.E-cigarettes or cigarettes are equivalent to 'cigarettes cannot be sold online'.

  Indeed, having an offline market is the key to a decisive victory in the battle to extend the river's lake.

  Some people in the industry mentioned that at present in jd and Tmall, the cost of e-cigarette users to receive customers has reached nearly 50 yuan, "the cost of offline customer reception is only more than 10 yuan."The superposition of various factors has become the main battlefield oil rigs of the net, and various channels that can be ignored in the past have also become important channels.

  With the new generation of e-cigarette brand platinum to qian yun response: so far this year, platinum has been mainly offline sales.According to the disclosure, the overall smoke market has about 2 million offline brand sales per month, and online sales may be less than 100,000.On the other hand, more than 30,000 e-cigarettes are sold in Berlin every day, with average monthly sales between 1.1m and 1.2m units, more than half of all sales.

  As you can see, offline channels are the main battleground for all players.In other words, get into the crowd.

  Kill cloud net "disease dead, giant is seized, electronic cigarette greets dark hour?In the article analysis: in the e-cigarette brand bloom, grab the channel is the top priority.Convenience stores, physical stores, Internet cafes, KTV, nightclubs, music festivals.These young people have become gathering places for e-cigarette distributors to talk business, and glass pipes it is common to see multiple brands in one location.

  One story circulating in different channels is that brands can sign up for Noya Ark CulturGroup, one of China's largest nightclub groups with hundreds of bars, for tens of millions of dollars.At that time, an e-cigarette brand wanted to sign an exclusive partnership, initially 15 million yuan, but later 15 million yuan, because Flow Fulu wanted to pay 50 million yuan and RELX wanted to pay 70 million yuan.

  Media also revealed that in order to compete for offline channels, RELX moon carving and Yooz grapefruit drama are not open.According to some e-cigarette practitioners, "YOZ grapefruit goes on a wild hunt for the RELX month carved offline channel, and RELX month carved anger, decided to teach Yooz grapefruit a lesson, and didn't even rule out the possibility of death, so there was a rumor that McWeill was going to cut Yooz grapefruit."

  I will go wherever you go.If there are too many people, the venue will sit on the ground and start pricing.Overall, the channel battle for brands is about sincerity cool water pipes, depending on how much money you can spend.

  There is a long way to go, to be slaughtered.

  As early as last year, e-cigarettes were suddenly lit up, players fanfare into the capital to go out to sea to boost, then 315 party was named at the beginning of the year, has reported the development path of e-cigarette track, the current state of the industry.

  Among them, the most discussed is the "three nihility" status of e-cigarettes and the safety risks after smoking, and how minors are not attracted to e-cigarettes with "fashionable personality" and "cool health" labels.

  While all brands argue that not luring non-smokers to smoke should be the industry's bottom line, how not to sell e-cigarettes to minors remains the focus of criticism.

  Fortunately, this regulation has given consumers hope that they will be protected. It is now an online channel, and I believe the regulation of offline channels will be as well.

  What is certain is that the regulation of offline channels is likely to be more complex and difficult than online sales, which are cut off at a stroke.

  Let's look at the situation on the board.

  Before regulation, some lamented that the e-tobacco industry would not survive the first quarter of next year, while others were lucky enough to throw their money over their heads, even if tied to a big fish.A group of people realise that the domestic market is about to restructure and think that going to sea is a way of life, but one by one, but one by one, it's a tough road.

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