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E-cigarettes: consumer diversification

  Spurred by the steam culture, some traditional smokers in China are slowly becoming e-cigarette users.

  Unlike zhang yi, li bin's choice of e-cigarette is really helpless.

  Li bin is a 10-year-old smoker, but in recent years, he became fascinated by foreign popcorn mixes.Unlike flue-cured cigarettes, which Chinese smokers are more used to, popcorn cigarettes are flavored with fruit and mint in addition to tobacco glass pipes.In li's words, pearl tobacco is to satisfy its own demand for tobacco, but it is also fresher.

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  But such foreign cigarettes (foreign cigarettes) are not easy to buy, in the first place, because the country is very strict on the importation of cigarettes, foreign cigarettes impose high tariffs, so many foreign tobacco groups are reluctant to expand into the Chinese market, which makes li bin can only buy a few foreign cigarettes in the tobacco store, not only in small quantities, but also at high prices.

  Li's usual solution is to ask friends who go abroad to bring back some duty-free shops, but according to customs regulations, one person can only take two, can only support li's "ration" for a month, rather than often have friends go abroad;There are also some online tobacco oil rigs smugglers, but security in the industry is low and it is common for sellers to flee.

  Li met up to five regular smokers in six months.

  Li bin's family once advised him to give up smoking. He did think about it, but it was not as easy as he thought.

  He joked with Mark Twain, "giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world.I've quit hundreds of times

  Occasionally, li noticed an e-cigarette, and the clerk told him that the cigarette water pipes not only had a fruit flavor, but also could reduce its harm and gradually wean him off the habit.

  SamuelLiu, who works in the industry, does not entirely agree with the effectiveness of some companies promoting smoking cessation.

  Liu told the product that e-cigarettes are an alternative to tobacco products and a safer way to inhale nicotine or meet a smoker's need for nicotine.

  Qing zhang, chief executive of tobacco technologies, also sees e-cigarettes as a healthier alternative to cigarettes.Some users will gradually get rid of their dependence on cigarettes to achieve the effect of quitting smoking, but this is not applicable to all users, and the effect of quitting smoking with e-cigarettes should be viewed rationally.

  E-cigarettes are non-smoking drugs.Overadvertising the effectiveness of e-cigarettes in stopping smoking is harmful to the tobacco industry.

  What traditional smokers need is the variety of things that nicotine cool water pipes brings, and the smell of tobacco that has been used for years.What they don't need is more and more social stress and health problems.E-cigarettes provide nicotine, but burn in a less harmful way, which is clearly the right thing to do.Samuel liu said.

  According to the encyclopedia, e-cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are actually hand-held electronic devices that vaporize gustatory liquids, known as e-cigarettes in general.The term "essence liquid" refers to an e-cigarette oil, which is usually made up of nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerin and flavoring.

  Traditionally, the greatest danger to the human body from cigarettes comes from nicotine.In fact, the real harm from cigarettes comes from the tar and carbon monoxide at the time of lighting up.

  But reducing the harm from cigarettes is not exactly the same as quitting.The industry fears this because of the false publicity that helped to derail the first rise of e-cigarettes in China.


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