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Glass bong king can also take "medicine" to cure the disease

  Glass bong king can be said to be very functional, really small size and big taste, small atomizer can accommodate all kinds of flavor liquid smoke, but it is different if fall into the wrong hands.

  In foreign countries, some people are trying to glass bong king used the right direction. With seahorse vape pen to absorb vitamin B12, they use this behavior to tell everyone, glass bong king for smoke or not only can be used to replace some bad habits, it also can be used to carry out proper nutrition supplement, or drug use. Although today's medical lacks in judging how many suitable inhaled drugs, how appropriate absorption, but this is a new medicine.

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  "Inhalation drug delivery is also known as" the third way, because the two delivery ways of oral or injection of disadvantageous factors, and the adverse effect of a small number of drugs (for example a painkiller stomach damage), so the concept of "inhalation drug" was taken to the field of vision of people. We live one of the most common "inhalation drug delivery" is aimed at children respiratory diseases of atomization treatment, after drug into tiny droplets of water, let it into the lungs and treatment. This process and draw seahorse vape pen special similar! Instead of using an ultrasound atomizer, the seahorse vape pen USES a heated atomizer.

  Oral gastrointestinal absorption of is, after all, go through the human body, such as vitamin B12 through the body of the stomach will not be absorbed effectively, when it was part of "waste" by stomach acid would be absorbed, until into the intestinal absorption rate is very slow. This set of procedures, waste a lot of a pill, efficiency is low.

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  The speed of "inhaled delivery" was very close to that of an intravenous drug, the drug was highly applied, and it was easy to deliver the drug through an atomizing device without the pain of a needle. Does the seahorse vape pen work? This is a ready-made drug delivery device! So a group of people began trying to inhale vitamin B12 with seahorse vape pen. Unfortunately, the practice was stopped, not because of a denial of the feasibility of the method, but because inhaling the drug with seahorse vape pen did not control the dosage.

  The seahorse vape pen is a wonderful thing, and when properly used, it can work wonders beyond imagination! But there are two sides to every coin, and don't label it for someone who misuses it.


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