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Market analysis of glass dab bong industry

  After ECD (ECIGSDATA) officially met the public on January 9, we were invited to some glass dab bong enterprises for product demonstration and trial application acceptance. During the biggest feeling is - although everyone is recognized as a senior figure in the industry, but in the market to bump into the head of things happen from time to time, a few boss to share the story let the author feel quite deep, today for you to share one.

  The current industry market of glass dab bong is also very different from that of 3 or 4 years ago, when the market saturation was relatively low. Most users' glass dab bong were their "maiden models", and their choice of products depends on the top-down indoctrination of merchants. Indeed, merchants' experience can solve most problems.

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  One example is the "big smoke product" that gamers often refer to. The manufacturer of glass dab bong has a very high concentration and low technical threshold. Everyone knows each other and can only form differential value around chip, power, appearance and other aspects when competing. Therefore, in the process of market cultivation, a product with beautiful appearance and the ability to spit out a large dose of thick smoke after smoking is the most favored by players, and users think "Cool" is ok. However, with the rapid popularity of glass dab bong products in the world in the past two years, the market focus has gradually returned from players (Vaper) to smokers (smoke replacements and quitters).

  Specifically, the core competitiveness of chip, power and appearance is gradually fading away, replaced by the following: smoke replacement, safety, portability and standardized replaceable. In other words, Vaper is a specific user cultivated by glass dab bong manufacturers through "great smoke" products, while "little smoke" products are the demand trend reflected by new consumers from bottom to top through the market. According to ECD data, 2016 was the year when the consumer demand of glass dab bong consumers was the most obvious. However, many entrepreneurs, like general manager A, lacked strong data to adjust their judgment, and finally hit the headlights in Europe.

  Back to the glass skull bong data itself, whether it's the old "in the" European snow event or A small cigarette products, with the rise of all reflects the current practitioners are faced with new consumer groups, the past way of market analysis some problems such as one-sided, slow, we urgently need A kind of accurate, timely, stable, cost-effective access to information source to help you understand the market context, the intent of the ECD was established, and is very much to meet that demand.

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  Although there are more than 150,000 institutions engaged in big data services in China, there is only one ECD in the field of glass dab bong. The preparation work of ECD data service has already started several years ago. Now our team has enterprise experts, Internet operation elites and big data analysts from top IT enterprises at home and abroad, and we have reached data cooperation agreements with many domestic and overseas government and enterprise institutions.

  Since 2017, the cross-border integration of glass dab bong enterprises has become increasingly fierce. A small brand that is unknown to the public may have tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of capital behind it. ECD includes market information of more than 1000 glass dab bong enterprises, involving more than 3200 brands, and the number is increasing. Once any enterprise enters the market, the region it operates, the category it sells, the quantity and the selling price will be captured and interpreted as data by ECD in real time.

  The glass dab bong market is complex and rapidly changing. Based on the characteristics of this industry, the behavior track of friendly business or benchmarking manufacturers can be interpreted with data so as to adopt a more effective coping mechanism, which is the actual competitiveness brought by ECD to enterprises.


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