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Simple introduction to the water pipes amazon experience pavilion, steam smoke.

  In order to promote glass pipes amazon steam smoke culture,

  An offline experience store to guide friends around to smoke healthily.

  The original intention is also to give smokers hope

  To provide a glass pipes amazon tobacco control health products to help smoking cessation.

  The two main founders, both former heavy smokers, created steam sky because they wanted to live a healthy life. Now they not only share common interests and hobbies, but also love cycling. Promote healthy lifestyle

  I personally visited the shop

  Enter the steam smoke experience store, which is filled with smoke. Several shelves in the store are filled with bottles of different styles, containing various kinds of liquid. This is water pipes amazon oil used in steam smoke. Several people in the store are chatting with each other, holding various devices in their hands, and spitting out smoke rings of various sizes from time to time.

glass bowl pipe

  Steam the smoke

  But the strange thing is, in the room filled with smoke, there is no choking nose feeling at all, but also like a little aroma.

  Water pipes amazon in foreign countries is usually called "glass pipes sherlock", which is the abbreviation of the English vapor (vapor), so it is also called vapor smoke.

  Although there is the word "smoke" in the name, water pipes amazon is fundamentally different from traditional cigarettes.

  "The biggest difference is the material. "While traditional cigarettes suck in solid particles, water pipes amazon is created by water vapor that evaporates from the pipe oil." The owner of the water pipes amazon store introduced it to me.


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