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Experts say smoking or glass pipescan increase the risk of serious coronavirus infection


  March 19, according to Fox News, some US health experts said that electronic cigarette users and smokers may need to put down their steam products and tobacco products more than ever before. Experts believe that electronic cigarettes or glass pipes for sale will make people more vulnerable to serious infection in novel coronavirus.

  Few studies have investigated the link between smoking or electronic cigarettes and the global pandemic. However, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has determined that smoking will damage the immune system and hinder the body's ability to resist infection. Studies have shown that smoking also increases inflammation in the body.

  Melodi Pirzada, director of paediatric lung department at NYU Winthrop Hospital in Long Island, told Scientific American: "All of this makes me believe that we will have more serious cases, especially those long-term smokers or e-smokers."

  Although she has not treated patients with the new coronavirus (COVID-19), she pointed out: "it is common sense to think that once you have a history of electronic cigarettes or smoking, the defense mechanism of the entire respiratory tract and lungs will change."

  At present, there is not enough data to determine the impact of smoking on patients with COVID-19. A study involving 78 patients with COVID-19 found that people with a history of smoking had a 14% higher risk of pneumonia. The study was published in the Chinese Journal of Medicine.

  "For people who smoke regularly, we know that they inhibit cilia clearance in the airway,"glass pipes and bongs  Pirzada told Scientific American. "We have these small (hairlike) structures called cilia, which are responsible for expelling toxins and mucus from the respiratory tract and clearing the lungs when we cough. We know that when you smoke and smoke, it will be affected. "

  FDA bans most flavored vaping products.

  Robert Tarran, a professor of cell biology and physiology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, told scientific publications that although smoking is a known risk factor for influenza, there has been little research on the risk of infection among smokers. However, he pointed out that some studies show that smokers are more vulnerable to respiratory tract infection.

  More research is needed to specifically link smoking or glass pipes cheap with COVID-19, but experts say quitting smoking is still a safe choice and there are many other health benefits.


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