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Ganzhou: Illegal Online Sale of "glass pipes" Arrested

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  After examination, it was found that since January 2019, criminal suspect Luo moujun, without obtaining a tobacco monopoly license, took advantage of the convenience of his cousin Luo moujun (who has been released on bail pending trial) to engage in foreign trade with Russia, and bought a large amount of HEETS glass pipes from Russia at a price of 175 yuan each, bringing the cigarettes into the country through Russian flight stewardesses and other means. Luo Moujun received orders and receipts on WeChat, and Luo Moujun helped contact the source of goods and packaged them for delivery to customers. The goods were sold to all parts of the country by express delivery at the price of each 220 yuan. According to statistics, Luo Moujun and Luo Moujun sold 3,387 HEETS electronic cigarettes.

  Since March 2018, suspects Zhang Mouda and Zhang Mou have purchased a large amount of HEETS electronic cigarettes and Marlboro electronic cigarettes from Shangjia Luo Moujun, Luo Teng (unidentified) and others through WeChat contact and settlement without obtaining a monopoly license. The two suspects adopted a business model of joint purchase, joint delivery, respective sales and respective profits, selling 1196 electronic cigarettes through WeChat.

  Li Mou, a smoker from Ganzhou, bought HEETS glass pipes for sale at Luo Moujun's office and complained to the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau when he found it tasted uncomfortable and suspected to be fake. After investigation, the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau found that the case was suspected of a crime and transferred it to the public security organ, which led to the incident.

  Case handling

  On February 6, 2020, the public security organ submitted a request for examination and arrest of the criminal suspect. After examination, the procuratorial organ held that Luo moujun, Zhang mouda and Zhang mou violated state regulations by illegally purchasing goods and selling across regions without obtaining a tobacco monopoly license, thus seriously disrupting the market order. all three people have violated the provisions of article 225 of the criminal law of the people's Republic of China. the facts of the crime are clear and the evidence is reliable and sufficient. they should be investigated for  glass pipes and bongs  criminal responsibility for the crime of illegal business operations. The existing evidence can confirm that the circumstances are serious and new crimes may be committed, so the arrest of the three suspects was approved.


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