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Affected by the epidemic situation in China, Australia's buy glass pipes products are in short stock

  February 23 News: According to Vapingpost, due to the unexpected rapid outbreak of novel coronavirus in China, most enterprises in China have implemented isolation measures and cannot return to work. The stock of glass pipes colorchanging products (such as replaceable coiled materials and cigarette bombs) in Australia is rapidly decreasing.

  As 90% of the world's glass pipes colorchanging hardware is made in China, Australia's inventory is decreasing, and retailers and distributors are worried about this. Some people have already consumed glass pipes colorchanging products, while others are worried that their stock will only last for a few weeks. Chris Meng Qi, chief operating officer of major distributor Vape Traders, said: "We feel that more and more popular equipment is being squeezed. "This is not the happiest time."

  Since the 15th day of the lunar calendar is a public holiday in China every year, local governments have begun to blockade villages and impose a 14-day quarantine on all travelers. This means that many of China's 300 million migrant workers cannot return to work.

  The shortage of glass pipes colorchanging s is just one example of what is called the "second wave" of economic chaos after the coronavirus outbreak, which is disrupting commercial trade worldwide. The first wave naturally mainly affects tourism and aviation.

  Monchgesang pointed out that the next most feasible step for Australian industry would be to start importing from the United States and Britain. "It all depends on whether the coronavirus starts to disappear or continues to attack. Importing from the US and UK markets, which have large inventories of hardware, is the last choice. However, the production of glass pipes colorchanging equipment in the United States is very slow, and the stock will run out in a certain period of time. "

  He added that most glass pipes and bongs liquids were produced in the United States, so the supply should not be affected, but the glass pipes colorchanging coils and cartridges were quickly used up. To this end, an American wholesale glass pipes colorchanging supplier also told customers that they expected "a serious shortage of coils and hardware across the country" between late February and early April.

  At the same time, due to the implementation of stricter e-cigarette regulations in 2019, China's e-cigarette industry was already in trouble before the outbreak of the virus and laid off about 50,000 employees, accounting for about 10% of its employees.

  Aoweinuo, secretary of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee and the Association, disclosed that the combination of US media censorship and China's online glass pipes colorchanging sales ban had led to a drop in demand for the product.

  Ou Junbiao, chairman and founder of the trade association of glass pipes colorchanging company Sigilei, said his company must reduce the number of employees by half.

  Similarly, an article on OAN explained that in the factory in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen (currently closed for quarantine), about 90% of the world's glass pipes for smoking were produced by about 500,000 employees, and had to slow down production and leave a large number of employees before the outbreak.


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