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Delayed resumption of work in Chinese factories due to new crown pneumonia may lead to a shortage of

  February 15 News: According to foreign reports, many Chinese factories are still closed due to the outbreak of New Crown Pneumonia. People are generally worried that all kinds of glass pipes for sale cigarette hardware products will not be shipped to the United States until late April, which will lead to a shortage of glass pipes cigarette products in the United States.

  Charles Harris, owner of the glass pipes cigarette store, was worried. He thinks that the Chinese company that makes glass pipes cigarette products will resume operations so that his glass pipes cigarette store can be opened. However, when he looked into the empty streets of Shenzhen from his apartment on Wednesday morning, it was clear that the impact of the deadly coronavirus was far from over.

  Harris owns and runs an glass pipes cigarette store in north carolina called NicFit Go. This time of year, he often goes to Shenzhen, where he has a second home. Shenzhen is often called the glass pipes cigarette capital of the world. However, coronavirus has become an epidemic and few people have returned to work.

  When Harris talked to the media, it became increasingly clear that coronavirus COVID-19 would have a global impact on all aspects of the economy. But its economic consequences may cause special harm to people engaged in the glass pipes cigarette industry.

  About 1,000 factories in Shenzhen produce about 90% of the world's glass pipes cigarettes and glass pipes cigarette hardware. If the situation of not returning to work continues to occur, the delivery of glass pipes cigarette products may be greatly delayed even if there is no absolute shortage.

  Large glass pipes cigarette companies with facilities in Shenzhen, such as JUUL Labs, should have resources to avoid problems. However, small and medium-sized enterprises have reason to worry about whether they will soon become infected with the virus. Compared with Chinese manufacturing giants like Foxconn, which produce parts for Apple, many e-cigarette distributors do not give top priority to export volume at all, so they cannot send their stocks overseas again in a few months.

  In mid-February, Scott Alwine, a senior customer manager of VaporBeast, a wholesale glass pipes cigarette supplier, told his customers to anticipate the worst. Alwine wrote in an e-mail to customers: "We expect the national hardware shortage will start at the end of February and continue until March. April may be a good time." We encourage glass pipes colorchanging you to stock now to ensure that there are products suitable for your customers.


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