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Economic Research: High Electronic Cigarette Tax Will Lead to Higher glass pipes Rate

  According to foreign reports, studies have consistently shown that the use of glass pipes for sale products and glass pipes for sale s as smoking cessation tools is effective. Despite this, many regions still misunderstand glass pipes for sale products and insist on monitoring them in the same way as deadly products such as tobacco.

  Minnesota has not only implemented one of the toughest e-cigarette taxes in the United States, but is also the first state to levy taxes by extending the definition of tobacco products to include e-cigarettes.

  For example, wholesale requires 95% tax, which naturally has a great deterrent effect on those who are interested in using products.

  NBER researchers analyzed the data in "Current Population Survey Tobacco Use Supplements" from 1992 to 2015, and tried to determine how the tax affects the smoking cessation rate of adult smokers by adopting a comprehensive method of controlling differences.

  Compiled estimates show that, along with countless public health experts, high taxes are directly related to higher smoking rates and lower smoking cessation rates.

  Compared with the control glass pipes for smoking group, Minnesota's e-cigarette tax increases adult smoking and reduces smoking cessation, which means that the current smoking participation rate has cross elasticity with respect to the price of e-cigarettes.

  The results show that about 32,400 adult smokers in Minnesota will quit smoking without the tax during the sample period. If the tax is levied nationwide, it will prevent about 1.8 million smokers from quitting smoking within ten years.

  The author of the paper concluded that the equipment should be taxed, more consideration should be given, and the benefits and consequences should be considered.

  Imposing the same tax rate on glass pipes for sale s as cigarettes can prevent more than 2.75 million smokers nationwide from quitting smoking at the same time. However, the public health benefits of not taxing water pipes  must be weighed against the impact of the decision on efforts to reduce e-cigarettes among young people.


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