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Oregon House of Representatives Passes Ban on Online and Telephone Sales of glass pipes cheap Produc

  February 13 News: According to foreign reports, a bill aimed at banning all online and telephone sales of glass pipes sherlock products in Oregon has passed the House of Representatives. Supporters of the bill said it was aimed at curbing the popularity of electronic cigarettes among teenagers.

  The main sponsor of the bill, house member Pam Marsh, said: in 2018, I held a competition on the existence of laws in my region. I received many interesting and valuable works, but the works submitted by a group of Ashland high school students stood out. The students reported that, despite the age limit, their peers still obtain electronic cigarettes by ordering on the Internet. They said that we should ban internet sales. They are right.

  Lawmakers cited reports from Oregon Health Bureau (OHA) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which show that the number of e-cigarettes among teenagers has soared in the past few years. OHA said that a quarter of 11th graders in Oregon reported using nicotine aerosols, and the overall use of e-cigarettes by young people increased by 80% from 2017 to 2019.

  It is reported that the 2019 Healthy Youth Survey, also from OHA, found that 71% of young people using traditional tobacco products started using electronic aerosols.

  Abby Durant, a Grants Pass senior high school student, said in his testimony to lawmakers: "if I really want an electronic atomizing product, I can.". This is not difficult.

  Representative Rachel Prusak, a nurse practitioner and another representative of the legislation, said she was tired of seeing her patients die prematurely and painfully under the influence of glass pipes hand blown.

  Congressman Prusak said: Recognizing that most tobacco and nicotine users become addicted when they are young, I strongly support the policy aimed at providing barriers to entry for young people and will further support the proposal to regulate and legislate electronic cigarettes in the same way as combustible cigarettes.

  The bill passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 41 to 18. Democrats voted in favor of the bill, while Republicans strongly opposed it. Only a small number of cross-party members voted in favor of the bill. House Bill 4078 is now before the Senate.


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