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Wanda plaza's New Deal: Suspend the Introduction of glass pipes Merchants, and the Cooperative Merch

  On January 1, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration and the State Administration of Tobacco Monopoly jointly issued the Notice on Prohibiting the Sale of Electronic Cigarettes to Minors, requiring all kinds of market entities not to sell glass pipes sherlock to minors. Enterprises or individuals that produce and sell electronic cigarettes are urged to shut down electronic cigarette internet sales websites or clients in a timely manner, e-commerce platforms are urged to shut down electronic cigarette shops and remove electronic cigarette products from shelves in a timely manner, and enterprises or individuals that produce and sell electronic cigarettes withdraw electronic cigarette advertisements published through the internet.

  Subsequently, mainstream e-commerce platforms and Internet platforms including Tmall and removed the sale of e-cigarettes and related content. Announcement No.1 means that electronic cigarettes are completely banned from sale online, but offline sales can still be carried out, only the rule that electronic cigarettes cannot be sold to minors needs to be strictly enforced.

  Wanda plaza is a huge urban complex invested and built by Wanda Group, a leading global commercial real estate enterprise. As of December 31, 2018, the company has owned and operated 280 wanda plaza.

  As the core business circle of the city, wanda plaza belongs to a place where users are concentrated. If the e-cigarette brand cannot enter, it may be an unfavorable factor for the expansion of the glass pipes custom brand's offline channels. Moreover, if wanda plaza stops entering e-cigarette, it may be a demonstration effect and trigger other offline business circles to follow suit.

  The following is the Notice on Strengthening the Supervision of Sales of Electronic Cigarette Products in wanda plaza issued by Wanda Group:

  All departments and companies:

  Recently, many departments in the country have intensively issued a series of circulars on the strict control of electronic cigarette products, emphasizing the comprehensive promotion of the hazards of electronic cigarettes, strengthening market management, and explicitly requiring compliance with the bottom line of the "no sale of electronic cigarettes to minors" regulation.

  The Business Administration Group has decided to suspend the introduction of merchants selling electronic cigarettes in all squares from now on. For the cooperative merchants, they will not renew their contracts upon expiration.

  At the same time, each operation center, regional company and single store should inform and supervise the relevant merchants, and it is strictly prohibited to sell glass pipes and bongs products to minors.


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