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Malaysia Plans to Regulate glass pipes for smoking as Tobacco Products.

  On October 31, it was reported that in April last year, glass pipes for sale Health Minister Datuk Seri announced a new bill, pointing out that cigarettes and electronic cigarettes are currently regulated by different directives.

  According to the 1983 food act, cigarettes are controlled by the 2004 tobacco control regulations, while glass pipes custom liquid containing nicotine is a poison act of 1952.

  He said in the report that the new law would emphasize all laws and regulations on electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, including sales guides.

  The new law may even solve the country's tobacco contraband problem and will cover all aspects of cigarettes and glass pipes sherlock, including product ingredients, their manufacture and the tobacco industry's supply chain. In addition, the measure will prohibit promotion and advertising, use in public places and use by minors.


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