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Vietnam's Ministry of Health Suggests Banning glass pipes for sale, Government: I Don't Care

  Buy glass pipes are classified as glass pipes products in Vietnam. Prohibit the sale and marketing of glass pipes and bongs to minors; Electronic cigarettes are not approved by the Ministry of Health and are contraband in Vietnam. Smoking glass pipes and bongs in public places is prohibited, except in designated smoking areas.

  According to a report by Steam New Power, Vietnam's Ministry of Health said that in addition to strengthening cigarette control measures in the future, it would also suggest the government to put glass pipes and bongs on a blacklist that prohibits sales and use. At the same time, they have put forward plans to the government, proposing to raise taxes on glass pipes products.

  MoH officials said at the meeting that they would collect and evaluate the scientific basis and extent of the harm of new types of cigarettes to human health, learn from the management experience of other countries in the world on new types of cigarettes such as glass pipes and bongs and heated cigarettes, and suggest the government to ban the sale and use of electronic cigarettes.

  Chu Xuan Kien, head of the market management department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, believes that the case concerning atomized products such as glass pipes spoon is very difficult because it is not clear whether law enforcement agencies should treat these devices as glass pipes products. In addition, Vietnam does not have any specific rules for atomizing devices.


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