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San Francisco Judge: JUUL's Proposal C May Overthrow Ban on Seasoned glass pipes for sale

  According to foreign reports, a vote in San Francisco passed a bill that would overturn the city's upcoming ban on the sale of glass pipes and instead restrict the sale of glass bong products.

  Juul, the San Francisco electronic cigarette company, launched proposal C, "a bill to prevent young people from using steam products" in a vote on November 5. The aim is to repeal legislation passed by city regulators, which was originally scheduled to take effect in January, to ban the sale of glass pipes that have not yet been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.

  Juul has invested nearly 19 million US dollars in this measure, and suddenly withdrew its financial support at the end of September amid stringent regulatory scrutiny and strong public protests over the company's youth marketing strategy.

  Proposal C will restrict the purchase of glass pipes and nicotine cartridges to two cigarette sticks and five boxes of buy glass pipes in each physical store, and to purchase two cigarette sticks and 60 milliliters of nicotine liquid online every month. The bill also requires online sellers of e-cigarettes destined for San Francisco addresses to apply for licenses, just as physical stores selling these products must apply for licenses.

  SF Director Aaron Peskin delivered a speech outside the city hall in September. The alliance opposed proposal C.

  Proposal C is the most important item in this election cycle: it generated US$ 24 million in donations, about US$ 19 million in support and US$ 7 million in opposition, far exceeding the combined US$ 2 million of the other five voting measures.

  This marks an unusual and perhaps unprecedented development: supporters of a local voting measure spent nearly a record amount of money to promote an initiative, only to withdraw a few days before the voting began. JUUL supports proposal c. Because it says regulation is better than prohibition. The company believes that its products are aimed at adult smokers seeking a transition to electronic cigarettes. The company said its products are less harmful than cigarettes.

  The main supporter of the bill is the "Reasonable Vacuum Alliance," a campaign committee founded and funded by JUUL. The alliance also includes small business groups representing local glass pipes for sale shops and grocery store owners selling water pipes.


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