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Four Governors in the Northeast of the United States Want to Promote hand blown glass pipes Supervi

  Democratic governors from New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania met with health and legislative officials in new york City on Thursday (October 17) local time to discuss public health and the regulation of glass pipes custom and glass water pipes . They expressed their hope to work together to promote the regulation of glass pipes custom and glass water pipes .

  According to CBSnews, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont said at the meeting: "What we have to do is coordinate this work within the regions of these states, and pointed out that" the implementation of glass pipes custom laws in some scattered areas has no meaning at all. " He said that on how to regulate legalized recreational glass pipes custom, the group proposed a "very preliminary" plan, for example, states should adopt consistent policies in terms of THC content, edibility, advertising and taxation, so that people do not need to buy related products on the black market.

  The picture shows four state governors at a regional summit on glass pipes custom and glass water pipes . (Associated Press)

  Lamont said that "different states will have different timetables" to pass corresponding bills, and it is almost impossible for different states to introduce completely consistent bills at the same time. Relevant government staff in different states will continue to cooperate on this project.

  Regarding glass pipes spoon , lamont said that in view of the great attraction of glass pipes spoon to teenagers and the increasing number of lung diseases caused by smoking glass pipes spoon , banning fruit-flavored glass pipes spoon within next year should be the consensus of most officials at present.

  Earlier this month, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo tried to impose a 90-day emergency ban on electronic cigarette products, but was temporarily blocked by the Court of Appeal because the electronic cigarette industry sued the ban. In Massachusetts, Republican Governor Charlie Baker announced a statewide ban on the sale of electronic cigarette products last month, a measure that was also questioned in court. Meanwhile, a new law has just entered into force in Connecticut, raising the minimum age limit for buying glass pipes spoon to 21.

  Hume said the lack of federal action on glass pipes custom and glass water pipes meant that states needed to take measures.

  Last year, several governors promoted the sale of recreational pot, but without success. Officials from the four states are discussing what to do next.

  Hume said smoking glass pipes custom is common, so states should consider this when considering legalizing recreational glass pipes custom.

  According to acb7, the crisis over glass pipes custom and glass water pipes has killed more than 30 people. After a 17-year-old boy from Bronx in new york city died of smoking glass pipes spoon , there were more and more calls for banning glass pipes spoon .

  According to the latest data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Thursday, a total of 1,479 electronic cigarette-related cases were reported in the United States, 33 of which died. Most of the patients were men under 35 years old, and many said they smoked glass pipes for smoking    products containing THC. The publicly reported death cases range in age from 17 to 71.


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