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Juul Stopped Selling All Seasoned glass pipesin US

  October 18-Juul, an glass pipes for sale giant, announced on Thursday that it would immediately suspend the sale of all its most popular fruit-flavored electronic cigarettes until a Trump government ban on the sale of flavored electronic cigarettes was introduced. Trump government policy is expected to suspend the sale of all flavored electronic cigarettes from the market.

  Under pressure from the US Food and Drug Administration (fda), Juul stopped selling its flavored hand blown glass pipes in retail stores last year. Customers can only buy flavored electronic cigarettes-including butter, mango, fruit, cucumber and other flavors-on Juul's official website, which has an age limit.

  Juul said that the new policy will take effect immediately. The company will stop selling mint-flavored electronic cigarettes, leaving only tobacco-flavored glass pipe.

  Juul spokesman Austin Finan said in a statement: "We will continue to review our practices until the final FDA regulations come out. We will not lobby the government to relax restrictions, but will fully support and abide by them."

  With the popularity of glass pipes for sale smoking among teenagers and the outbreak of a fatal lung disease related to glass pipes for sale smoking, the Trump administration said last month that it was prepared to withdraw all flavored electronic cigarettes from the market until FDA reviewed them and authorized them to re-shelf. Government officials said at the time that the plan would be announced in a few weeks. But it hasn't been released yet.


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