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Domestic Glass pipes Cigarette Brand Competition

  The booming glass pipes spoon cigarette industry has attracted many other fields to enter and occupy part of the market. buy glass pipes brands are so diversified and especially active. Today, China's buy glass pipes information and everyone will make a big comparison of domestic e-cigarette brands, leading everyone to appreciate the charm of big brands.

  Relx Yueke of Domestic hand blown glass pipes Cigarette Brand Competition

  RELX Yueke is the no.1 brand of glass pipes spoon cigarette in China. Whether in terms of market share, valuation, financing amount, GMV, revenue, user brand intellectual possession and research and development investment, RELX Yueke has very strong advantages. It has basically built a relatively complete glass pipes spoon cigarette economic circle and ecosystem. It has a strong research effect on rivals and is the best research template in the field of glass pipes spoon cigarette.

  The Magic Flute MOTI of Domestic hand blown glass pipes Cigarette Brand Competition

  Magic Flute MOTI is a brand that closely follows RELX. For example, in 2019, it took a total investment of more than 50 million US dollars from three well-known institutions, and it was the third brand in the world to develop Bluetooth glass pipes spoon cigarette. However, it was too low-key. It had a chance to break out of the tight encirclement, but it was too slow and delayed the battle line.

  Snow and SNOWPLUS in the Big Evaluation of Domestic hand blown glass pipes Cigarette Brands

  This is a very quiet aerosol product. If you have good enough oral skills, you can smoke glass pipes spoon cigarettes without others seeing anything. It is very helpful to eliminate the class contradiction between smoking and non-smoking. It can be called a dove of peace in the office.

  LINX, the Link of Domestic hand blown glass pipes Cigarette Brand Competition

  This product is a very hard-core generation of the three major online red brands at the beginning of the year. Compared with the delicate shapes of other brands, the Lingxi generation of products can be said to exist at the hard-core level. Although it has been iterated to Juul-like new missile replacement products, this metal-sensitive product surprised our chin at the beginning of the year.

  Ammo of Domestic hand blown glass pipes Cigarette Brand Competition

  The wave of e-cigarettes is on the rise. While everyone is busy competing with each other, an old e-cigarette enterprise suddenly broke out this year, namely Firearms ammo. According to reliable sources, in less than four months since the new firearm product was released, it has achieved an astonishing sales volume of "more than 200,000 units per month and nearly 3 million cigarette bombs".

  There are many glass pipes spoon cigarette brands in China. After appreciating the charm of the above glass pipes spoon cigarette brands, you can choose a favorite glass pipes spoon cigarette product according to your own situation.


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