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KMOSE kemi glass pipes cigarette announced the completion of 10 million yuan angel wheel financing,

  On August 20, KMOSE Kermit, a new brand of glass pipes for sale cigarette in China, announced the completion of financing of angel wheel with RMB 10 million. This round of financing will be mainly used for research and development and production of KMOSE carved rice products, and the construction of channels and channel brands.

  KMOSE kermit was established in March 2019. it is an glass pipes for sale cigarette brand owned by Shenzhen fun core technology co., ltd. it is dedicated to carving products in the spirit of craftsmen to create more safe and healthy glass pipes for sale cigarette products with high cost performance that 350 million smokers can afford.

  As a member of the "new cigarette-making" brand, Kmoose Kermit was established in March this year. However, as the core founding team has many years of experience in Internet, fast consumer products and media marketing, and Kmoe's product experience is excellent and the channel is well established, Kmoe Kermit has developed rapidly since its establishment and has become a dark horse player in the glass pipes for sale cigarette industry.

  Different from the traditional buy glass pipes enterprises' development thinking of paying attention to agent channels and wholesale volume, kmosekermit has set up its own channel team while emphasizing the importance of offline channels. KMOSE kemi's own channel team has continuously expanded KA channels and retail terminal channels. As of press release, KMOSE Kermit has already laid out 8 domestic well-known chain convenience stores (including exclusive cooperation KA channels), covering more than 4,000 terminals.

  In the channel strategy of "single-point penetration", kmosekemi district management, channel customers and brand activities are carried out at the same time, so as to realize the fine operation of the district, achieve the goal of covering the whole city channel, and then build a brand moat belonging to kmosekemi.

  Judging from the current market development of China's glass pipes for sale cigarette industry, the development track of glass pipes for sale cigarette is not sprint, but long run. Consumers and distributors of glass pipes for sale cigarettes need education, especially the sales of retail terminals and the re-purchase of distributors, which will become the key to the profitability and long-term development of major brands.


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