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The glass water pipes cigarette brand "VOZOL micro-vertical glass water pipes cigarette" has raised

  On August 6, news emerged that VOZOL, a newly-created buy glass pipes cigarette brand, has already completed a 10 million yuan seed round of financing. The investor is Yilegu, an overseas buy glass pipes cigarette distribution giant with overseas buy glass pipes cigarette sales channels.

  Wen Guanhui, CEO of VOZOL Micro Electronic Cigarette, is a continuous entrepreneur in the field of fast-food products. In the previous project, a number of well-known online red brands such as "Xiaojiangjun" and "No Ginger, No Ginger" brown sugar and ginger cream were established, and rich entrepreneurial experience and extensive network resources were accumulated in the field of fast-food products.

  VOZOL micro-vertical buy glass pipes cigarette currently has a team of 40 people: 20 of them are research and development teams, from ID designers, structural engineers, buy glass pipes engineers to product managers, all of whom are senior practitioners with 5-10 years of experience in the buy glass pipes cigarette industry. moreover, the supply chain team is led by senior people from the buy glass pipes cigarette head manufacturing enterprise who once created a head brand supply chain in the current domestic market.


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