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"Yuntun glass pipes Cigarette" Completed Financing of Tens of Million Yuan Pre-A Round to Launch the

  In mid-August, Yuntun glass pipes cheap Cigarette recently completed a round of financing of tens of millions of RMB PRE-A. This round of financing is invested by Guangfa Sindh, with Langchao Capital acting as the sole financial consultant. This round of financing will be used for product research and development, channel construction, etc.

  Founded in early 2019, wonton glass pipes for smoking cigarette announced the completion of angel wheel financing in April. The company focuses on the research and development, production and sales of glass pipes for smoking cigarette products. The founding team comes from enterprises such as Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Tencent, Cedar Holding and Lexin Medical, and has many years of experience in product research and development, brand marketing, channel expansion and operation management.

  Yuntun glass pipes for smoking cigarette has also made innovations on the technical level. For example, the traditional cotton core is easy to produce paste when it is used. Yuntun has developed WOOW I atomized core and applied it to its products by redesigning products and selecting high-quality organic cotton and related raw materials. In order to prevent the smoke bomb from leaking oil, the Yuntun glass pipes for smoking cigarette adopts the design of combining oil core separation and double condensing chambers, so that after the smoke bomb is used in the upper chamber, the oil can be locked through the condensate of the double condensing chambers, and the oil leakage rate is reduced.

  Today, when the tide of "new cigarette making" is more and more fierce, Yuntun glass pipes cheap Cigarette believes that as long as there is a good user experience, even if it comes in late, the brand can quickly gain a firm foothold in the industry.


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