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The era of low nicotine content in Glass Pipes will soon be atomized, which will determine the diffe


  For glass pipes, the era of low cigarette butts is coming. A few days ago, the media reported that the national glass pipes standard has entered the approval process, or will be officially launched in October this year. It is reported that the national standard will strictly control glass pipes from seven levels such as tobacco oil and atomizer. Reducing the nicotine concentration in tobacco oil will be the most important one.

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  At present, the United States, Japan, the European Union and other countries and regions have issued clear regulations on nicotine concentration in glass pipes. Taking EU TPD Act as an example, the concentration of nicotine in glass pipes oil should be limited to less than 20 mg·ml, that is, the concentration of nicotine should be less than 2%. Industry insiders believe that reducing nicotine concentration is the general trend and 2% may become the benchmark of electronic nicotine concentration in China in the future.

  The nicotine concentration of tobacco oil will affect the use experience of glass pipes. Higher nicotine concentration will give users better "throat percussion" and "satisfaction".

  The head of an OEM company said that some domestic glass pipes brands rely on odm/oem mode, and their product technology level is not high, while 3%≤5% tobacco oil has the best taste and becomes the choice of most brands. If the national standard nicotine concentration 2% standard is implemented, the entire electronic cigarette enterprise will be reorganized and the qualified glass pipes enterprise will be eliminated from the market. For enterprises with research and development capability, how to simulate the taste of real smoking within the concentration range of 2% will also be a challenge.

  Looking back on the development history of glass pipes, atomization technology has always been an important factor in improving the taste of glass pipes.

  Early glass pipes custom used free alkali nicotine smoke oil, which had poor experience and was far from the real smoke flavor. "In order to solve the problem of taste distortion", smoke equipment came into being. Through the improvement of battery voltage, atomization module and output power, the atomization effect of tobacco oil is improved, the taste gap caused by low nicotine concentration is made up, and the user has "throat feeling" and "satisfaction feeling" for approaching real smoke. In addition, some heavy cigarette players DIY, its equipment through fine adjustment atomization system, has produced the difference, the personalized taste experience.


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