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The "catfish effect" of handblown glasspipes will kick off the reform of tobacco classification in


  Until 2019, the distribution of glass pipes for smoking will still be dominated by traditional cigarettes, and glass pipes for smoking companies will be encouraged to study new types of glass pipes for smoking (mainly heated and non-burnt), but legal sales of heated and non-burnt glass pipes for smoking will be prohibited by regulatory means. At that time, traditional cigarettes were the whole of Chinese glass pipes for smoking .

  But hand blown glass pipes grew savagely in unexpected ways, disrupting all rhythms. Under the supervision of China's Tobacco Iron Wall, hand blown glass pipes has become more and more aggressive due to its characteristic of "no glass pipes for smoking smoke" (it has the function of glass pipes for smoking products rather than non-exclusive products of glass pipes for smoking ). At a more severe moment, the domestic hand blown glass pipes market is facing the entry and harvest of the international hand blown glass pipes giants. All this forces China Tobacco to reconsider the shape of glass pipes for smoking products and the corresponding industrial layout in the future. Just like Hong Kong, the country is reconsidering the future planning of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and the Gulf region.

 hand blown glass pipes

  So, what is the overall plan for the future of China Tobacco? First of all, put aside your personal point of view.

  On the premise of adhering to traditional cigarettes, China Tobacco will encourage the development of household heating and non-combustion and restrict the rapid spread of household hand blown glass pipes. Finally, the whole market presents the structure of traditional cigarettes+heated non-combustion+hand blown glass pipes.

  Category Development and Brand Promotion of Traditional Cigarettes

  The emergence of electronic cigarettes has brought great pressure and inspiration to traditional cigarettes:

  Handblown Glass Pipes' product design is completely market-oriented, which is in sharp contrast to the new product development mode of many traditional cigarette brands, "the leader pats the head".

  The core of the popularity of Hand Blown Glass Pipes is convenience and harm reduction. This reminds the research and development of traditional glass pipes for smoking once again that the development of new products should not be equated with the design of glass pipes for smoking bags, but should further break through the core level of products. Although it is very difficult, I do not think the technological tree of traditional glass pipes for smoking has come to an end.

  What is the product of young people and what is the packaging of young people? hand blown glass pipes has taught a lesson to traditional cigarettes.

  Even, the current weaknesses of hand blown glass pipes, i.e. unstable taste and strong chemical taste, just remind traditional cigarettes that the advanced industrial manufacture and strict taste requirements in the past are correct and worthwhile.


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