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The New Changes of China's glass pipes for smoking Channel


  Why did i choose to sell glass pipes for smoking?

  Although they have been doing business for many years, it only takes a short time to enter the glass pipes for smoking industry, because they occasionally have the opportunity to contact electronic cigarettes and successfully quit smoking before they decide to enter the glass pipes for smoking industry.

  Around the Spring Festival in 2019, I saw a big V brand instantly create the fruit brand glass pipes for smoking, selling millions of messages every day. Based on the sharpness and curiosity of the information (mainly doing nothing during the Spring Festival), I used various search tools to learn more about the brand and the glass pipes for smoking industry, and found some important information about the industry.

  In just three years, the U.S. brand Juul has been valued at 38 billion U.S. dollars, and many glass pipes for smoking startups in China have also learned lessons from Juul's model.

  Well-known institutions have already invested in many new brands of glass pipes for smoking in China, with a very large amount of investment.

  Glasspipes for smoking products are changing from small cigarette products to popular cigarette products.

  The incremental market for glasspipes for smoking is huge.

  Glasspipes for smoking liquid has simple components and is relatively healthy.

  Glass pipes for smoking contains nicotine and is still easy to become addicted, so users have strong stickiness and high repurchase rate.

  E-commerce and Internet platform search and heat index rose sharply.

  Based on the above information, I think the glass pipes for smoking industry will enter a period of rapid growth in 19 years, so I decided to enter the glass pipes for smoking industry.

  We have a better understanding of the three glass pipes for smoking brands for review:

  1. Network celebrity brand reconstruction agency channels.

  After the rapid development in the first half of the year, an online celebrity brand has begun to slow down, including the adjustment of some personnel, the adjustment of the supply chain and even the adjustment of the channel system.

  Blue hole "understands that the brand may shrink ahead of schedule and adjust on behalf of provincial and municipal governments, from the previous extensive model to refined management.

  For example, during the rapid test and development in the first half of the year, each city signed an exclusive market generation agreement in the past, but after a period of development, it was found that the generation of a city did not completely cover all channels of the city.

glass pipes and bongs

  At present, the main offline channels are electronic cigarette store channels, large Ka channels, 3C digital channels, convenience store channels, night bars and other channels. Obviously, it is impossible for a generation of a city to cover all channels of a city in a short period of time. Therefore, the signing generation of a city is obviously inefficient and cannot compete with other competitors.

  For a city, it is more reasonable to distinguish different channels. Each channel will choose people with resources and ability to expand.

  In addition to good municipal channels, some brands will cancel provincial contract manufacturing, directly develop the urban generation, and quickly promote the market.

  At present, many brands will slow down, think and speed up after the beginning of the year.

  2. Rhinoceros owners directly push the camp and add Ka channel.

  Lingliang glass pipes for smoking, another network celebrity brand, is very cautious about the agency model and currently mainly expands the market through direct mode plus Ka channel.

  According to Chief Executive Officer Jinyuan Zhang, currently in Shanghai and other regions, United Hammers have conducted deep penetration in nightclubs, bars and mom-and-pop shops, all adopting a direct mode of operation.

  The advantage of this is that the headquarters can have a good grasp of the business data and can thoroughly operate the terminal stores in the city. On the other hand, it is relatively stable and will not tamper with the goods and prices. The disadvantage is that the replication speed is slow.

  At the same time, rhinoceros headquarters has signed a contract with the main Ka channel in China to promote it in all parts of the country more quickly.

  Glass Pipes for Smoking is a kind of long-distance running. While we accumulate experience, we run too fast and then waste time. Jinyuan Zhang said.

  3. voxol's micro-vertical simply holds the thigh of a mature distribution channel.

  The newly established glass pipes for smoking brand VOZOL WCHING has just announced the completion of angel round financing and invested in the glass pipes for smoking overseas distribution platform Yilaku, which is a typical sales platform holding channel legs.

  Yi Lu Gu is a well-known channel distribution platform. It has been engaged in glass pipes for smoking channel distribution for nearly 10 years and has operated overseas channels in more than 70 countries and regions around the world.

  Conclusion: People with channels will win the world.

  Online e-commerce can ensure a certain brand awareness and sales, but to reach more consumers, we must rely on offline. Before we predict that glass pipes for smoking will enter the offline decisive battle, it now seems that manufacturers need not only the brand side to continue to speak out, but also the real short-term matching on the Internet.

  After all, according to Juul's sales channel survey, only those with channels can enter the world.


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