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I've smoked for so long, but do you really know glass pipes cheap?

  Glass pipes cheap's theory of harmlessness is not only applicable to a product, but also to a product obtained by comparison, without any harm. Experimental studies by the main authorities show that glass pipes cheap is much less harmful than cigarettes.

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  When we say "healthier" every day, we do not mean that the product is healthy, but glass pipes cheap is a healthier substitute than traditional cigarettes.

  Therefore, the users of glass pipes cheap are smokers who have become addicted to cigarettes: on the one hand, they cannot quit smoking; on the other hand, in order to reduce the harm of cigarettes to their health, glass pipes cheap is a good substitute for nicotine-dependent smokers.

  Obviously, it is necessary to draw a clear line between these two categories of people:


  A non-smoker

  In recent years, there have been many statements about the color change of "smoke": the smoke of glass pipes cheap contains formaldehyde, which is harmful to human body. In addition to some groundless exaggeration: "glass pipes cheap is no less harmful than cigarettes", there has been a surge on the Internet.

  Let's see if the smoke that produces smoke is really so terrible:

  About cigarettes

  The main components of tobacco oil are propylene glycol, glycerol, nicotine and spices. The main components in tobacco are atomized by heating.

  About formaldehyde

  In our daily life, we are more or less exposed to formaldehyde. The smoke of glass pipes cheap does contain trace amounts of formaldehyde, but toxicity needs to be discussed in combination with dosage.

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  What is formaldehyde? Formaldehyde's olfactory threshold is usually 0.06×0.07mg/m, beyond which you will smell pungent acidity. If the formaldehyde content reaches the so-called 10 kg/m content, it will smell pungent and sour. If the formaldehyde content reaches the so-called concentration of 10kg m-1, it will smell pungent and sour. When the air produces serious acid-stimulated gas, the human body cannot bear it.

  Incidentally, Xiao Bian is a professional industrial analyst and tester who has worked in a quality testing base and has personally experienced that excessive breathing of formaldehyde is painful.

  According to the data, we will inhale a certain amount of formaldehyde in our daily life, including atmosphere (0.02mg), common room (0.5mg~2mg) and formaldehyde source (1mg~10mg).

  A cigarette bomb has about 400 members and can be smoked for about a week. The amount of formaldehyde consumed every day is only 1/6 of that of foreign formaldehyde in outdoor air.

  According to another data provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, formaldehyde intake per person per day should be limited to 0.2 milligrams per kilogram of body weight, while no more than 12 milligrams per day will have no additional impact on health according to the standard weight of 60 kilograms for adults.

  Why is the formaldehyde content in the data tested by some programs so high?

  This involves the amount of energy brought by glass pipes cheap species. According to the preliminary understanding of the public, glass pipes cheap is an amazing fog emitted by an ultra-large capacity tool, referring to player-grade glass pipes cheap with power up to 200 W and temperature over 400 degrees.

  About nicotine

  As we all know, nicotine is a drug addict and a non-carcinogenic substance, while tar is a known scientific definition.

  Nicotine itself is a natural substance, which is also contained in tomatoes, eggplants and medlars. Therefore, there is no need to talk about color changes. A small amount of nicotine can be naturally metabolized out of the human body, but it is addictive to a certain extent.

  For example, the 4% nicotine content on the package is 4% of nicotine per 1.8 ml, which is equivalent to the amount of nicotine used for smoking.

  Finally, I would like to emphasize once again: it is forbidden for minors to use glass pipes cheap. If you don't smoke, you'd better not try!

  With the rapid development of glass pipes cheap industry, many substandard products have poured into the market, which is very immoral for consumers and the industry. As a substitute for tobacco products, it is necessary to be responsible for the health of smokers.


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